Who Gives The Most Charity.... Not The People You Would Expect.

Who gives the most charity?. It is always the person who you overlook, simply because society has conditioned you to regard the wealthy as the ones who donate to all the causes the most. And logically, you would be correct if the entire world lived by your wisdom and philosophy that we should donate the first ten percent of all our income. And if the entire world population gave ten percent in proportion to their income, then all who are less fortunate would receive all the help they need. And then God could be glorified, since He said that He made the poor and the rich alike, and the poor would always be with us. 

But until then, let us examine the great little who seemingly have nothing, and yet always end up giving all they had. And little People like Mahatma Gandhi, who did not have much, and yet gave all of himself to his people first, and then to the whole world. Mr Gandhi believed in peace and freedom for his people of India from the Imperialist country of England. And so he gave with every breath of his being, he gave with walking, he gave with awareness, he gave with his words, he gave with his sacrifices, he gave with his fears and he definitely gave with love from his heart. 

Another person who gave the most to charity, was Mother Teresa.
Mother Teresa out of India, was a little known Catholic Nun who had to get special permission from the Pope, just so she could open up an orphanage and take care of the children. And she started with nothing, but really she had everything, since the greatest possession to have is Love. So she gave this love until her dying breath, she gave to the little children who nobody gave anything to. She gave with her awareness, she gave with her compassion, she gave with the little amount of rice and milk to the children that she had. 

And then we have Mr. Martin Luther King out of America.
who was a Preacher to his people, The African – Americans. And he gave all the little he had, but in reality he gave the best and greatest riches to his people and then to the world. He gave his love and then his life, so that every human being could be treated with respect and dignity. He gave the most to charity, by giving his knowledge, his wisdom, his heart. Also by donating his time to the civil right movement, by donating his entire family name to the world, and by donating his life as Philanthropy to better the lives of humanity. 

So who gives the most to charity?. Like I stated above, not the people you would expect. Not the Rockefeller s, not the kennedys, not the rich Princes out of the middle east, not from the Governments of the world. But Charity is given the most by the little people who possess the greatest vast amount of riches.... L O V E. And that is all it takes to get involved in Charity and Philanthropy... Your Charity Advocate, James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    You're right, poor people do give the most to charity based upon the percentage of their income, compared to the percentage given by the rich on their income. Jason


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