What To Look For When Shopping For Lipstick To Be Beautiful.

Shop For Lipstick... Since you could never allow your lips to be dry, to have the skin cracking, to have small pieces of flesh hanging at the bottom and top of your lips. And then you have to keep licking your lips every 2 minutes, just to stop the painful feeling you get when trying to smile. And not to forget it is very unattractive when your lips are so dry that they look like you have placed white powder on them, and not to leave out the fact that when they are cracking there will be small streams of blood. So who will want to be near you, who will want to kiss you?. And I really don't want this great unhealthy embarrassment to happen to you, so today I intend to share with you the 5 things that you must look for when shopping for great lipstick.

First thing to look for when shopping for lipstick: Match Your Lips.
You have so many different kinds of shapes of the lips, as well you have so many thousands of lipsticks out there for you. So you must take a great look at your lips, and see the detail and shape of them. Because if you have extremely thin lips, you will want to get your hands on lipsticks that will make them look full. Because you do not want to smile and look like a skeleton with nothing but teeth. Also you must look at your skin complexion and get a shade of lipstick that flows with your natural beauty. Because it's one thing to wear wet-red lipstick, and a whole other thing to wear deep green or powerful silver, just because you happen to have bought a dress that color.

Second thing for a good lipstick: Make Sure It Does Not Crumble.
You do not want to buy lipstick that crumbles soon after you roll it on your beautiful lips. Because it will stain your clothes, and you will scare off people when small pieces of lipstick are hanging right off your lips. So take time to read the labels, and know what you're looking for.

Third smart thing to look for in a lipstick:  It Must Not Cake
When you are buying lipstick ( Color That Stick To Your Lips ), you do now want to buy one that is so soft that when you put it on, it looks like you used toothpaste that morning. And then every time you flap your lips to talk, your mouth is pasting up.

Fourth must-do for great lipstick: Does Not Fade.
You simply can not keep on reapplying lipstick every 2 minutes, when you are in an important meeting. Or when you are on a very first date, or when you are sitting in Church worshiping God. It will make you look like a Diva who is very self-centered. And what you want to do is put on a great lipstick that sits there and mesmerize you audience to look at your lips, and hang on to your every word.

Fifth great thing to look for in a lipstick: Does Not Transfer.
I know I would have to give you a piece of my mind, if I had just spent $100.00 on a silk shirt and then you kiss me and you stain it for good with your lipstick. Also you do not want to be with your friends, or your love teddy bear and keep on constantly reapplying. You want a strong lipstick that you apply once and it stays on for at least 5 to 6 hours, because it has a micro-flex formula that allows it to stay on your beautiful lips and not on the other person.

Bonus Tip to look good wearing lipstick: Hydrate.
I can't tell you enough, how many times a day you must drink water. Plain Water Only. Please, do not let all the commercials condition you into thinking that wine, Gatorade, juice, sugary water or anything else is good for you. Because you already know that your body is made-up mostly of water, so drink it. Plain & Simple. Drink water to keep your lips hydrated, drink it to keep your lips looking full, drink water to avoid your bottom lip looking like the Sahara desert. Yes drink that great water so your lips could be naturally moisturized, and give the lipstick something to actually stick to. So shop to your heart's content and get the best lipstick out there that matches your body's features and needs. Your Shopping And Savings Advocate, James Dazouloute

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