What Is My Power Animal Spirit, And How Does It Help Me.

Your Animal Spirit... Is there to help you, to be a Co-Traveler here on earth with you. It is there as well to guide, to help you avoid dangers and to share wisdom with you. And even though you do not get to choose your Animal Spirit Guide, for they reveal themselves and choose who they want to guide, to protect and to even share secrets with. And you must start today to search out for your Animal Power, your Totem Animal, and your true friend. So begin today with meditation, begin today with fasting, with a quiet place, within a place in nature, and with open prayer.

Animal Spirit...What Is My Power Animal. And here is a prayer to pray to the four directions..... where your animal spirit may reside, hear me:

I pray to the West which gives me perfect rest and reflection. I thank you for these perfect gifts for without them I could not live. 

I pray to the North which gives me wonderful patience and purity. I thank you for these wonderful gifts for without them I could not live. 

I pray to the East which gives me great energy and emotions. I thank you for these great gifts for without them I could not live. 

I pray to the South which gives me Much Needed discipline and direction. I thank you for these much needed gifts for without them I could not live. 

Grandfather, share with me your strength, and I thank you for this gift. Grandmother, share with me your wisdom, and I thank you for this gift. 

Great Animal Spirit, share with me the key to the Universe, share with me your immense wisdom of old, share with me your harmony with all beings, and share with me how to live the peaceful way.

Animal Spirit... Your Power Animal will help You to go through the difficult passages of life. 

You May Ask: What is my animal power that will deliver me from the traps That, I and Others, have set for me to fall into?. Where is my animal spirit that will whisper to me when danger comes, so I can swiftly escape?. I need my power animal to give me the wisdom I need as I face each decision, that will affect me for the rest of my life. And all these things are what you may ask yourself daily, and think about. But I must tell you Beloved, that all you have to is stay calm, relax and begin to meditate... and you will soon see in your third eye, the message that is being sent to you about what to do.

What To Know About Your Animal Spirit  Guide Beloved:

Please Understand my Friend that first of all, you do not choose an Animal Spirit Guide. The Animal Spirit Guide chooses You, and it decides to whom it will reveal itself and make it's Friend. And to begin with: Let's look at what The Scriptures Say About that. 

Book Of Job Chapter 12 And Verses 7 – 9: 
But ask the Animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you. Or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this?.

Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion -- several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn't straight. 
The higher animals have no religion. And we are told that they are going to be left out in the Hereafter. I wonder why? It seems questionable taste.
~ Mark Twain ~ 

An Animal Spirit Guide is an Animal  that at it's choosing will appear to you and through its own Nature will teach you on many levels how to deal with all the different situations that you experience during your spiritual journey. Their main job is to teach you so you can protect yourself from the many troubles that you will encounter here while in this physical dimension. Remember that Animals all throughout prehistoric times had to overcome all sorts of challenges in order to survive, so they do know a thing or two to teach you and help protect you. I mean look at the Great Tsunami of 2004 in Indonesia, all the Animals are so still connected to the Universe that they all knew the Tsunami was coming and took off running toward the Hills to Survive, and yet all the Humans were going toward the Ocean in curiosity and all because we have lost our way along with our connection to the Universe.

Animal Spirit Guide, How To Get In Touch With Your Advisor And Protector In This Life. So to begin getting in touch with and connect with your Animal Spirit Guide, you must pay close attention to the continuous appearance of this Animal in your dreams, in pictures and on TV along with inside your mind.  P.S. Important: Do not confuse Animal Spirit Guide With Animal Totems. For Animal Spirit Guide Choses You and When To Appear To You. But Animal Totem is an Animal Spirit that you would call on while in danger to come serve you as a guardian because of it's special power – strength and survival skills. ( But don't be presumptuous in thinking just because an Animal is tiny or appear weak that it has no Power, Because the smaller they are the more they've learned to survive any situation. Look at The Ants. )

And Please, Please do not get scared if an Animal appear in your dreams constantly, or you keep seeing the picture of - or thinking about this Animal constantly. For Animal Spirit Guides can be quite persistent when they want to help you or teach you something that will save your life, or your marriage or business, etc. And it is just like People who are always asking to see God in the Bible, and yet even when He appears in a gentle form, they run and so the relationship can not take place. Important to mention as well, that you have many forms of Animal Spirit Guides like: Spirit Animal Messenger, The Shadow Animal, The Journey Animal, The Life Animal, The Medicine Animal and others... And Their Name carry out their Purpose.

Again to connect with your Animal Spirit Guide, you have to start meditating and open up your mind about welcoming all Animals. Because the appearance of an Animal Spirit Guide is just a once in a lifetime event and remember when it chooses you it will come to guide, teach and protect you during your greatest adversities. And When it comes it will not just teach you one Lesson, it will teach many and so Pay Attention. And once you keep seeing this Animal Everywhere in your dreams, in your mind,  in pictures and in other forms; then begin learning all you can about this Animal and the ways it survives all the difficult challenges it has faced all throughout History, and begin applying those survival skills in your life and in the situations that you face. Also begin to meditate and start focusing on opening up your Spiritual Eye, so that your Animal Spirit Guide can perform it's main purpose which is to help you in your Spiritual Journey and Elevate.

So in closing, My Friend the World is full of Hypocrites and Selfish People. For those who have knowledge conceal it in order to dominate all others and enslave them. Don't let them do that to you and I will not let that happen to you as I educate you. And they all tend to Demonize all Higher Truths so that you can remain in darkness. I mean look at the Egyptians they knew the Power of the Animals, look at The Gurus of India they knew the Importance of Animal Wisdom. And look at even now most of The Car Companies and ask yourself where do they get their names from?. Like Jaguar, Like Barracuda ( plymouth ), Like Beetle ( Volkswagen ), Like Bison ( Chevrolet Heavy Duty Truck ), Like Bronco ( Ford ), Cobra ( Ford ) etc... And some big Companies, some sports teams –  because they all want to embody the power and the wisdom of Animals. So now do you see that they all know that the Animals have their own set of Nature and Power and yet refuse to share them with you so you can survive All Of Life's Ordeals and Succeed Like They Do?. But I Will. Your Animal Spirit Advocate, James Dazouloute

What Is My Animal Power Spirit? And To Help You Further On How To Deal With And Understand All The Major Animals That You Will Encounter.... SEE About This Great Book Right Now Beloved: "What You, Animal Lover Need To Know Right Now"
What You, Animal Lover Need To Know Right Now


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James  Dazouloute
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The more you know about the Characteristics and lifestyle about a particular animal, the more likely you will take time to appreciate what it's doing, and will not have to call Animal Control to have that particular animal put down.

For example, if you were to see a female dog gives birth to 14 puppies, but the next day you see that female dog devouring one of its young. And if you don't understand that the mother dog will eat the weakest that is about to die just so she can have enough strength, and make enough milk to feed the other ones, then you might get scared and think that this animal is possessed, and you will want to do whatever it takes criminally to interfere with

So this is why this book: What You, Animal Lover - Need To Know Right Now was written with you in mind, since you love the animals that God placed in your world so much and you just want to know them just like you know each body part of your body and their function. And that way you could bring awareness to the less educated, so that all the abuse and the murders could stop. And not to forget that the wonderful pets in your life will have a much better chance to love you and serve you, if you understand why they do what they do, as well what they need the most from You.

So Sit back and enjoy this wonderful little book about all the common animals living in your world, along with all the wonderful love poems that are shared with you. And then you'll see that you can telepathically talk with your best friend, your protector, your animal spirit guide and also your animal servants. After all, you were given a Mandate by The Great Creator, to rule over all animals, to name them and to care for them. And so let us begin today:
What You, Animal Lover Need To Know Right Now


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James  Dazouloute
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Table Of Contents

Chapter Three: Love Animals... A Poem
Chapter Four: Love Animals, The Warmth And The Great Joy Of Having Them Living With Us Here On Earth
Chapter Five: Animal Spirit Guide, How To Get In Touch With Your Adviser And Protector In This Life
Chapter Six: Animal Spirit...What Is My Power Animal.
Chapter Seven: The Earth Is The Lord's... And The Fullness Thereof. See What You Must Do.
Chapter Eight: For The Love Of Dogs, Top 10 Things You Must Do If You Really Love Dogs
Chapter Nine: Animals In The Bible, How Dogs Are Used As Symbols By God
Chapter Ten: Love Dogs, See Four Ways They Are Used In The Bible By God
Chapter Eleven: Sick Dogs, How Not To Lose Your Best Friends And Suffer Greatly
Chapter Twelve: Buy A Dog, Using all The Right Methods And Find Your Best Friend Fast
Chapter Thirteen: Love Cats, Then Let Them Help
You Answer The Phone
Chapter Fourteen: The Hawk... All You Need To Know And See About This Bird
Chapter Fifteen: How To Keep Your Pet Healthy - 7 Easy Tips For Dogs And Cats
Chapter Sixteen: Live Healthy... Top 3 Ways To Keep Your Pet Healthy Today
Chapter Seventeen: 5 Greatest Things You Must Do For Your Pets As New Year Resolution
Chapter Eighteen: Everyone Loves Whales, And Why Are We So In Love With These Majestic Beings?.
Chapter Nineteen: The Blue Whale... Why Is This Animal So Colossal?
Chapter Twenty: Dolphins Pictures... See What You Can Learn From These Intelligent Animals.
Chapter Twenty One: The Rabbit... Why Does This Animal Have So Many Babies?
Chapter Twenty Two: Rabbit... See How Much There Is To Know About This Little Animal.
Chapter Twenty Three: Information About Beavers... Only What You Must Know .
Chapter Twenty Four: Why Do Beavers Build Dams... This One Reason Is Unbelievable.
Chapter Twenty Five: King Rat... Why Does This Animal Survive Anything?
Chapter Twenty Six: The Rat... And The Reasons This Animal Is Our Worst Enemy.
Chapter Twenty Seven: The Flatfish... Why Is This Little Animal So Incredible?
Chapter Twenty Eight: The Stone Fish... What Do You Know About This Animal?
Chapter Twenty Nine: The Angler Fish... See How Dubious This Animal Is.
Chapter Thirty: The Peacock, What Is It About This Beautiful Animal That Have Us So Dazzled?
Chapter Thirty One: The Ostrich, Why Is This Beautiful Bird So Mysterious And So Misunderstood?
Chapter Thirty Two: The Hummingbird, These Little Busy Animals Are Our Perfect Inspiration
Chapter Thirty Three: Love Doves... See These Beautiful Birds...
Chapter Thirty Four: Homing Pigeons.... And Their Great Services.
Chapter Thirty Five: The Toucan...See The Greatness Of The Toucan Bird.
Chapter Thirty Six: What Is A Bat... And Why Does It Scare You So Much ?
Chapter Thirty Seven: The Owl... Just What Is This This Strange Animal?
Chapter Thirty Eight: The Centaur... This Is What You Need To Know About This....
Chapter Thirty Nine: Monarch Butterfly, What Is The Greatness Of This Animal That Keeps Us So Mesmerized
Chapter Forty: The Raccoon... How Much Do You Really Know About It?
Chapter Forty One: The Opossum... Why Does It Freeze Instead Of Fight?
Chapter Forty Two: The Door Mouse, See About This Too Cute Animal.
Chapter Forty Three: The Shrew... Why Is This Little Animal So Ferocious?
Chapter Forty Four: The Lemmings... You Must See What These Poor Animals Do To Themselves.
Chapter Forty Five: The Marmot... See How Loud A Sound This Little Animal Can Make.
Chapter Forty Six: Snakes, Why Do We Fear And Respect These Creatures So Much?
Chapter Forty Seven: Like Turtles, Why Are These Slow Paced Animals So Intriguing To Us?
Chapter Forty Eight: The Ants... See What They Are About
Chapter Forty Nine: The Chameleon, This Little Animal Only Reminds Us Of Ourselves With Constant Changes.
Chapter Fifty: Medical Leeches, They Are Good For You.
Chapter Fifty One: Panda Giant... Just Who Is This Lovely Animal?
Chapter Fifty Two: The Alligator.... Can We Survive Like This Animal Has?
Chapter Fifty Three: The Rhino... Why Is The Horn OF This Animal So Valuable To Poachers ?
Chapter Fifty Four: The Elephant... Why Does This Gentle Giant Eat So Much?
Chapter Fifty Five: The Bull... Why Do We Interact So Much With This Animal ?
Chapter Fifty Six: Animal Logos, See How 5 Animals Go Unappreciated By Companies Using Their Power And Nature To Succeed.
Chapter Fifty Seven: Famous Logos Of Animal Logos, Learn 6 Companies Who Are Pimping The Great Animals.
Chapter Fifty Eight: Holiday Shopping, Budgeting Holiday Shopping For Your Pets
Chapter Fifty Nine: The Platypus... Let Me Show You How Strange This Animal Is.
Chapter Sixty: The Polar Bear... You Must Get To Know This Great Animal.
Chapter Sixty One: The Deer... Why Do You Hunt This Animal So Much?
Chapter Sixty Two: Unbelievable Facts, Hurry Up And See What These 3 Great Animals Can Do
Chapter Sixty Three: Unbelievable, How These 5 Great Animals Can Live Their Lives Like This And Still
Chapter Sixty Four: This Is Incredible... You Must See What These 3 Animals Can Do.
Chapter Sixty Five: The Lion... You Definitely Must Know This About The King.
Chapter Sixty Six: The Gecko... Why Did Geico Fall In Love With This Tiny Animal.
Chapter Sixty Seven: Love Cats... These Top Ten Things You Must, Must Do For Them.
Chapter Sixty Eight: The Skink... Here Is What This Little Lizard Can Teach You.
Chapter Sixty Nine: The Jaguar... Here Is What To Know About This Fearsome Animal.
Chapter Seventy: Mans Best Friend.... A Love Poem For Dogs.
Chapter Seventy One: I Love Cats... A Love Poem.
Chapter Seventy Two: Animal Right.... Top 3 Ways To Protect The Animals.
What You, Animal Lover Need To Know Right Now


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James  Dazouloute
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