What Is Litter, And How Does It Affect You And The Earth

What Is Litter, since you hear this word being thrown around by many on Television, on the Radio and even inside the Social Networks? And what is it about littering that should have you worried, and that should be affecting Mother Earth? Well Litter is any and all waste material, foam plates, scrap metals, tin cans, garbage, trash, debris, dead animals, sand, gravel, slag, brickbats, rubbish, plastic bottles, and any other discarded materials that you can think of. So as you can see, Litter falls into many categories and is part of everything that your hands and feet touch.

If you think all these types of materials are dirtying up your house, your neighborhood and even your State, then imagine how bad all this is for Mother Earth. Since for you, all you have to do, is get some gloves and pick-up the type of litter that is in your way and dump it all in a garbage can. But that litter and that garbage can all eventually get dumped in the landfills, which are buried inside the Earth, and get to stay there for a long time without decomposing. And then Mother Nature can not bring forth any plant there, any tree, any herbs, nor any water source. And even if she tries and succeeds, then these elements will be heavily contaminated from all the litter and debris, since it is all unnatural.

And as far as the laws are concerned when it comes to litter, they call upon the Prima Facie Evidence.. Meaning, that any such evidence that would, if uncontested, establish a fact or raise a presumption of a fact. Or meaning that litter or any of those materials mentioned above, are found on public or private property, or in the waters of the State if the items display the name of a person or company in such a manner to indicate that the materials belonged to that person or company, it shall be a rebuttable presumption that such person or company was the violator.

And litter is growing all around and all on top of the Earth as well as inside it, and the number one way to control litter is with education, and the goodwill of mankind. And those 2 are intertwined and can not go on alone, since knowledge of a thing does not mean that the person will do what is right. Because the goodwill must be there as well to act and do the right thing. So the next time you are littering by discarding in your house, or around public property any and all items above, STOP... and Think. Then you can begin to participate in cleaning up the Earth, which is cleaning up your own body from diseases and death. And as always, It All Starts With One... YOU. So what are you doing to control and reduce Litter?... Share so we all could learn.   Your Earth Advocate, James Dazouloute

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