What Is Krumping... Just A Dance Or An Athletic Sports.

What Is Krumping? Because you see these kids doing, what look like to you, Heart Attack Moves. And you are not sure whether to call for an Ambulance, or to just stand there and marvel at those angry moves, along with the athleticism inside each step. And at first, you are not sure if they are having a gang fight, or if they are just angry, or even if they are going to start a riot. All you know so far is that the moves are energetic, athletic, and filled with vigor. But what exactly is Krumping? And is it a sports or just a dance, or both?.. I intend to answer all these questions for you today. 

To begin with, the word KRUMP came from a song in the 1990's, and it was an Acronym for: Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise. And the actual dance/competitive sports was Credited to having been created by two dancers: Ceasare " Tight Eyez" Willis, Jo'Artis "Big Mijo" Ratti, in the Early 2000's. So as you can see, Krump has a spiritual background to it, because it was started as a way to reach the youth through dancing, as well reach out to the gangs as a way to work out their difference in a fun and energetic way. And the two creators of krump dance ( Ceasare " Tight Eyez" Willis, Jo'Artis "Big Mijo" Ratti ) were originally part of a Clown Crew that used to entertain at parties and other venues. But when those 2 individuals tried to clown with those moves, they were a bit too scary for the children and the private parties where they were performing. And so they broke away and started krumping, and so as you can see that part or krumping is part clowning.

What is krumping? 
Well there are four primary moves that the dancers/athletes can use: Jabs, arm swings, chest pops, and stomps. And the beauty of krump dance is, you can Free-style all day long. Meaning your creativity is your limit, as well as your ability to keep the crowd involved with your theatrics. And whoever is the most creative, the most athletic, and can clown the most is usually the Clear Winner. And krumping is so powerful, so aggressive and so menacing that you will have to let the other person, or the other group that You Are Krumping. Otherwise they will think that you are about to physically attack them, and they may defend themselves or call the Police. So you have to be sure that if you are issuing a krump challenge, that it is well recognized. All because Krumping involves an expression of personal anger, frustration and reenactment of violent acts.

Also krump dancing is all about how passionate you are about your expressions, about your movements, about the music that you are performing to, about allowing to free-flow with the energy inside you and the one that resides with the crowd. So it is not about acting crazy or just throwing your body around, just like any other art form or any other sports you have to practice. You have to move with the music just like a Ballerina, or a Skater. You have to feel what you're doing and you definitely have to be in great physical shape just like the athletes in the other sports. And whenever you want to start krump dancing, you must start with a "BUCK" up, and then let your Spirit take over. Because remember it originally started as a form of worship for the youth. 

If you are going to Krump Dance, 
then you must pick a style like "goofy," "jerky" and "fast" based on the overall attitude of you, the dancer. Consider adding face paint and clothing to add a more dramatic effect to your dancing style. Because this is all about Self-Expression, and creativity. Also you must incorporate in your routines the right music that has a fast and slow tempo but with explosive lyrics, since you want to have the Shock and Awe Effect. And definitely use a lot of POPPING in your routine ( Flexing and Releasing Of Muscles ), and be sharp about it. And don't forget to use LOCKING, where you can lock-up your entire body at will, but always with the rhythm of the music. And definitely remember to create A Character for yourself before you start krump dancing, because it is the inner you that you are bringing out, it is your frustration with life that you are showing outward to others, it is your anger for all the wrongs done to you that you are expressing, and it is all the Athleticism in you that you are putting on display to be appreciated.

And here is a Dictionary of Some Terms Used in krump dancing....
Competitors face off in direct competition with one another
Somebody who is watching or attending a krump session to copy moves.
when a group of krump dancers from a circle, and take turn dancing.
The personal movement or individual style of a krump dancer.
Kill Off: 
When one krump dancer is so creative and so explosive that the crowd just pick the winner.
When a group gets together to work on their krump moves.
This is where great expression, creativity and explosiveness just take over

What Is Krumping... Just A Dance Or Athletic Sports? So by now you should have a very good idea of what Krumping is or Krump dancing. And yes it is a dance and athletic sports, and it involves competition and a winner. And Krumping is also an art form that forces your intellect, your individuality, your character, your creativity, your soul, and even your spirit to all come forth. So get healthy today by using Krumping as a way to work out and build up stamina... Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute

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