What Is A Humanitarian, And How To Become One Today. By James Dazouloute

What Is A Humanitarian, since you have been hearing that word thrown around for a while now, and you sense it is something good, but you are not sure what it is exactly. Also you hear Politicians and Governments throw that word around all the time, when they say that they are sending Humanitarian aids to a particular Country or to a particular area of the World, that has been devastated by a Natural or Man-made Disaster. Well a Humanitarian is usually described as someone who is seeking to promote human welfare or well-being. And one person in particular usually comes to mind, Mother Teresa, whenever you think of the word Humanitarian. But in reality, you are already quite the Humanitarian within your family, your local neighborhood and even your community and then Country, but you just have not realized it yet.

Yes Fellow Philanthropist, you are already a Humanitarian in your own right, each and every time you lift a finger to help someone out in the smallest way possible, and you don't expect to get paid for it. Whether you are helping an older person cross the street, so not to get hit by moving vehicles. Or whether you see a little child in your neighborhood who is hungry and you offer him or her something to eat. Or whether a Tornado or Earthquake just hit your local community, and you volunteer to help those in need, by providing food and water for them, by providing shelter for the suddenly homeless family, and by providing your compassion to promote the welfare of humanity. 

And you are a even a Humanitarian (Just by being Human), when you listen to a friend's trouble, when you feel their pain and sorrow, and when you offer good sound advice along with uplifting encouragement. And really, it is not a difficult task to be a Humanitarian, since all you have to do is feel for others, is to want to lend a helping hand, is to ask Yourself: What If It Were Me? And once you answer that great question to yourself, then your mind, your heart, your body and your spirit will all work together hand in hand, heart in heart, spirit in spirit and love in love to help the next Brother and Sister who is in need, who is crying, who is hungry, who is hurting, who is being abused, who is... And the list is endless.

So as You can see a Humanitarian is you, it is me, it is anyone who cares about the suffering of the less fortunate in any capacity. And even the criminal is sometimes a humanitarian, since he does not want to see his friends and loved ones suffer and would do just about anything to help out, and even though he breaks the laws he is still trying to buy medicine for a sick child, or he shoplifts at a store so he can have some meat and bread for his loved ones. But in the greater description, a Humanitarian gives of himself, he gives the little bit he has and he goes out of his way to make sure that somebody has a chance to live life to the fullest. So what great Humanitarian Deed have you done today without having even realized it?... Share so we all could learn. Your Charity Advocate, James Dazouloute

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    A humanitarian, is Me, it is You and You. Great Share

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