What Is Abuse, And How Do You Recognize It. By James Dazouloute

What Is Abuse, since every time you watch the news or listen to it, then you are told that someone has been abused today. Whether as a child or as an adult, sexually, emotionally and physically. And as sad as this is, there are many reprocotions legally for those who partake in it, or even allow abuse to take place.  And living in this world, humanity who create smaller groups of Society, seem to be getting more depraved by the minute, and each time a gross abuse violation has taken place by someone, then another person steps up to the plate and commit even more abuse in a new unimaginable way. 

Abuse, very simply put, is any  immoral, unethical and illegal activity that takes place physically, mentally and verbally by any one person toward another. So with that, I intend to share with you today 3 types of abuse to be aware of legally.

First type of abuse: Mental Abuse

This is where one person abuses another by doing things to them that will paint a picture inside their brain for life. And this could come in the form or experiences, in the form of being tied up or chained in a room, and only being allowed to eat only at a certain time or use the bathroom sporadically. 

Second type of abuse: Verbal Abuse
Verbal abuse is when someone berates, demeans and talks to another condescendingly. This could be the person hearing: You will never amount to anything, or foul language is used toward them, or they are berated whenever there is a crowd.

Physical Abuse: Is another type of abuse.
Whenever someone uses force that is unwarranted toward another, then you have physical abuse. This could be: someone being punched at and unable to defend him or herself. Or being kicked, being slapped, being choked, being pulled by the hair, being thrown against a wall.

Another type of abuse that encompasses the first three types: Sexual Abuse.
In sexual abuse, the victim may experience abuses mentally, verbally and physically. While the sexual assault or abuse is taking place. All due to the Before – During – After, because he or she will suffer for a very long time, and many end up becoming abusers themselves.

So as you can see, abuse can take place many forms and you must watch-out for all the different types. Since there is always a Predator somewhere looking for someone to become their prey. And this kind of miserable and grotesque violation has been taking place since the beginning of time. And the reason why is because Man has a hole in his heart that is even deeper than the abyss. And the more he gets the more he wants. The more he finds the more he looks for. The more depressed he gets the more he abuses his brother. The more inadequate he feels about himself the more he berates his neighbor. The more unhappy he is  the more miserable he seeks to make others. The more he was abused in one area of life, the more he relives this act by perpetrating it upon others. The more lack of accomplishment he suffers from, the more he projects that  toward another by physically, mentally and verbally abuse them... Your Legal Rights Advocate, James Dazouloute

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