Unconditional Love, Is There Such A Thing In Life.

Dear Friend Do we really know what Unconditional Love is, unless We are Gods Ourselves?. Since this is the only Being who created such a word and lifestyle, and Rule the Universe by it every day. And yet everyday we say Unconditional love is what we all seek from a Lover, and even claim to be giving it out, or ready to give freely. And that is the most Hypocritical statement we have ever made, because on one hand we want anyone, everyone, and our lover to accept us just as we are, every hour with every mood swing, every day with every new silly desire, every year with wanting a new fad that is bad for us, and every year changing who we are and what we want. Yet, we do not accept our sweetheart unconditionally, we are always riding their back what they need to do, how they need to be, and when they need to transform to what we see as normal, as romantic, as successful, and as desirable. Ironic, isn't it?

Also we must ask ourselves in all honesty,  do we really give our love unconditionally?... Do we raise our loved ones up on our shoulder truly unconditionally???... As I explore this subject with you Dear Fellow Romantic, you first have to see that even the God of this Universe who first claims to love you unconditionally, and then He expects your Love and worship in return at some point. For he created you out of Love because He did not want to exist alone. But if a gift like Love is unconditional, don't you have the right to trample upon it as you please? And there lies the hypocrisy of everyone and even the gods, because whenever someone gives you a gift you didn't ask for and got surprised with it, first they expect you to be grateful, then they believe that you must use that gift for something good and think of them each time you do it, afterward at some point, they also expect you to do something for them and give a gift as well. Is this Free and Unconditional? Or is this a trap, an enslavement, and a headache that you don't need?

And even you, you go out to find Love or allow it to come to you, and then you say "I Love You". But at some point you expect your Lover to love you back, to appreciate you, to honor you and to bless you even. So again, is your Love really unconditional?. For if they betray you today, or cheat on you, or abuse you even; would you just keep on giving the best of your love to that person and not even blink?.... Of course not, so again, is your love truly unconditional? Or are you just saying that to sound Righteous and full of wisdom?

But as for Me, I have a secret that I will share with you Dear Friend. And that is, unconditional love can be given with certain rules, because no matter how many times someone messes up, you may get mad at what they just did, but your love remains steadfast and all you want is for them to fix that situation or reverse course, but you never want to leave them alone or stop loving them.. So in that sense, your love is unconditional.

And this is Just like God does with you, He loves you but He expects you not to hurt yourself, He demands that you show Him how much you understand His love by going out and giving that same kind of love to another who does not deserve it. And so if you want to love unconditionally (If there is such a thing) you must set up ground rules at the very beginning of your love, and let the person know that with this Love: I expect this, I need that, I must experience this, and I have to be made felt certain loving sentiments by you (Just like you do when you are getting married, and you say: With this ring...). 

So set up the rules of your love and please let the other person know at the very beginning, because rules are good, and they will allow your Lover or your Children to be able to receive your unconditional Love. Because Unconditional Love is so powerful it can confuse them at times, crush them or even push them away at times without having set all the proper conditions and environment. So In Everything You Do, Do For Your Lover Unconditionally..... Your Romance Advocate, James Dazouloute


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