Top Reasons Why You Must Love Mom.

Love Mom who has done everything humanly possible for you, and then go on to become a Super-Mom by forgetting herself completely, and make things happen that you could never imagine at all. But before you get to all the reasons you must love mom, let us regress to the first day you were conceived inside her stomach, where for the next couple of weeks she started to throw up because of you. And then with no thoughts of her own, and losing the beautiful sexy figure which your father was so so attracted to. And all of a sudden, she abandons all things in life that mean something to her, just to begin bonding with you, as well start to make all plans concerning you. So now she no longer cares about driving a hot car, or buying the shortest outfit in the shopping mall to be the envy of her circle, because now she is looking at minivans, she is planning the design of your room and she is telling everyone who has an ear to hear, that she is pregnant with you.

So what you must do for your mom, is love her with all your heart and your soul. And that is non-negotiable, meaning you don't sit there and worry about her shortcomings, you do not judge her on the things she is not so good at, and you definitely do not want to talk to her any kind of way that even appears to be disrespectful. Because she gave you all she got, and she may have even prostituted herself when you were younger just to make sure the rent was paid, and keep a roof over your head. Then she has given up her career for the first nine months of your creation, just to ensure that you had the best chance of growing from a fetus to a wonderfully blessed little newborn baby.

Then there were the times when you scraped a knee, after she begged you not to go play outside by yourself. But nevertheless, she scooped you up, kissed you and hugged you, then she made the pain go away. And you have to understand that she had to stay up with you, no matter how many nights you were up crying, or you were sick or even were having nightmare. And there were those days when you were sick, and she did not care if she lost her very well paid job, because you were and still are all that matter. Yes you must love mom, yes you must adore her, yes you must take the time to bless God for her.

Your mom is the most beautiful person in the world, your mom is the only Angel that ever existed, and your mom is the only God that you know since through her is how you learned that God is a loving God. Yes love your mom, since every week you had a different need to try out a new sports, or take up a new musical equipment, and no matter how many times she kept going broke, she still made sure you had all the equipment you needed. Even when she had to take out a loan, only afterward for you to change your mind after just a few days.

I mean what else must be said for you to love mom, since she fought for you all the days of your young life, since she sacrificed everything for you, and since to her you were and are the most beautiful son or daughter in the whole wide world. No matter how ugly you actually are. Your Relationship Advocate, James Dazouloute


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