Top 3 Ways To Stay Out Of Legal Troubles.

Stay Out Of Legal Troubles, because you have enough troubles with Love, you have enough troubles with your Business, and enough troubles with your car and also with your health. So you do not have time to also get into legal troubles, because this kind of trouble can consume all your time, can take away your freedom for you to even deal with the other types of trouble. And I know that you are so sick and tired of having nothing but problems, and you are so fed up with darkness all around you. And the Spirit of Resistance always bringing you trouble to resist your success. So today, I will share with you the top 3 ways to stay out of legal troubles and live trouble free.

First top way to be trouble free: Stop Being Anti-Law.
Every law that, or at least 99.99%, has been passed was done for a good reason. And just because you do not understand it does not mean you should refuse to obey it. NO dear friend, in as much as you can, obey every law that you are aware of, also always do your best to be aware of new laws. Because you being Anti-Law and being a law breaker or violator, will only bring you more legal troubles, with the Police and then the Courts, than you can handle. First obey the law, and then file a lawsuit with your Attorney, or by yourself if you are legally knowledgeable. Because very few have made a difference while in Jail, but Many have made a difference after obeying a silly law and then challenging it.

Second way to stay out of legal troubles: Stop Trying To Be Right.
You have heard that you can win the battle, but still lose the war. So do not be one of those people who has to win no matter what, and at everything. And just because you are right or have a right, does not mean that you have to exercise it or take actions. Because there is a Higher Power who is constantly watching over you, and ready to fight for you and open unexpected doors for you, but That Source can not do that when you are fighting each and every battle. So with that said, for example: If your neighbor's dog got into your yard and chew badly your kids motorcycle toy, you would be right into asking them to replace that toy. Or even sue them if they refuse. But remember to judge and decide, because you have to live next door to them for the next 20 years, do you really want to be right legally, and then have animosity for the next 2 decades. So being legally right and having rights do not always mean that you have to exercise it.

Third way to live trouble free and stay out of legal troubles: Give Up Hate.

When you are too busy hating, then you will never have time to love and appreciate all that is good in others. Also when you hate, it will drive you to look for petty things to pick a fight. For example, if you hate the Police, then you will be looking for any and all reasons not to obey them at a traffic stop. And then more legal troubles will come your way. Or, you just hate somebody at work so much, and the first time they park in your parking space or have violated an Office Rule, you get them fired and then talk badly about him or her. Not only can you get into many legal troubles for Libel, but you will fail to have a chance to appreciate all the good things about that person, and the Police as well. Also important to note, when you hate you are always in an Evil state of mind, and you will always be looking for ways to deal with people, and that will bring you a mountain of headaches in all areas of your life, and you will definitely not be Trouble Free. Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute

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