Top 3 Lessons The Lord Of The Ring Teaches You.

Lord Of The Rings, shared with You by Mr. J.R.R. Tolkien as part fantasy, part myth, part factual and even part rhetoric. But all to titillate your senses, as well teaches you great lessons about life, and the many facets of its woes. So the University Of Oxford Professor and Philologist, who has dedicated a great part of his life in servitude to teaching and sharing with one and all alike, took about 12 years (1937-1949 ) to bring this master piece of an epic. Because he wanted to open your eyes to the possibilities of life, as well to the Greatness of God in creating and allowing so many diverse Beings, all to accomplish His will and purpose.

And so as you are already aware, the Dark Lord Sauron decided to create the One Main Ring that would be above all the other 9 rings of Power, in his effort to to rule over Middle-Earth, but of course God and His universe are never too weak, nor do they sit idly by and allow Evil to run amok. And so enter the Main Characters: Lord Sauron, Saruman, The Orcs, The Nazgul, Frodo Baggins, Pippin, Aragorn, Boromir, Sam, The Dwarf, Gandalf the gray, Gandalf the White, The Elves, The Hobbits, Gollum, The Wizard Saruman etc...

Although, mankind during their times of trials and tribulations, will always blame God for everything, as well they will sit idly by and wait for God to do everything for them. But that is never, nor will it ever be the case since God is so Almighty, that He always works behind the scenes, since that is where True Power always comes from. And so God influenced and encouraged His creations to stand up and take-up arms, He also raises up those whom He has gifted with the power of Light, and even the brothers of mankind, the other Creatures who seem foreign or alien to them, to help His plan and purpose to be carried out. And so This Novel and then great movie, teaches you 3 main lessons, which I intend to share with you:

First lesson the Lord of the Rings teaches you: You Are Not Alone.
Mankind has always been arrogant and proud in their Ignorance and their Stupidity, where first they thought that their world was flat, then continuing with their ignorance they thought that the earth they live on was the center of the Galaxy and the entire Universe, afterward they stupidly believe that they are all alone in this Universe as well as on the Earth, and that God was only mighty in His creation and could only create humans.
And so when they hear of " Aliens ", or even other creatures living deep within the Earth beside them, then their ignorance and stupidity place great fear in their heart and mind. And even though they were the last Creation, who was created on the Sixth Day, and are the youngest, they never once wondered who all were created before them to help them and to serve them, as well to watch over them. So J.R.R. Tolkien shares with you about some of the different creatures who were created to live, fight and die alongside you.

Second great lesson Mr. Tolkien's Epic Novel teaches You: Evil Hate You.
Yes, Evil do hate you to his very core, and will never sleep nor will it ever die. Only to be restrained and then chained at the bottomless pit, then to be thrown in the Lakes Of Fire at the very end ( Just like the goal of this story about The One Ring To Rule Them All. )
And so as you live your life daily, understand that Evil will always seek to harm you, by any and through any means necessary. As well using anyone that he can to defeat you, even your family and your spouse. And so you must learn and remember this, so you can employ all the help that God is sending your way in the least expected places and people, as well as even strange Beings. Also Truth is and will always be your greatest weapon.

Third Lesson of the Lord Of The Rings: You Are Invincible.
Not By Yourself, for you are just a very weak being, but by the Help and the Grace of God. So you must learn wisdom, as well learn that God is Almighty and He has created other Beings that you can not see, and that you have yet to be introduced to. As well, your greatest strength is Your Unity. Yes, when all of mankind unite, for you are part of the Universal Consciousness, created by the Source and kept by Him. 

So when You all unite and start to think alike in the purest of ways and for all the righteous reasons, then your strength connects to the Almighty strength of the Source, as well to all your Brothers and Sisters who are part of the Star Seeds or Star Dusts, and you are now an invincible being, forever United. Yes you are a formidable force when United, and this is why the Devil always tries to create division and tricks you all into going to war with one another, because he is already aware of this Truth when he used to be right hand of God.
So as you can see, Mr. J.R.R. Tolkien and his epic novel Lord Of The Rings, have gone to a great deal to teach and share with you those 3 main lessons. So that you can take your place within this great Universe, and live in harmony with all other created beings, and also attain wisdom so that all Truth can be known to you. So thank you God, for Mr. J.R.R. Tolkien and his epic novel Lord Of The Rings... Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute

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