The Elevator, What Would You Do Without It When Being In Any Building.

The Elevator... Has been around, in one form or another, since the Egyptians started building massive monuments. And started using pulleys to elevate massive rocks on top of one another, but platform or the chair for the elevator was not widely used until the Medieval period. When people were using basket elevators, where they would climb inside and then somebody else would lift them up by using ropes. All to try to save precious physical energy in going from one level to the next, so they could use it to accomplish more in life. And so what would you do nowadays without The Elevator when you are inside your tall building at work, or your tall apartment complex, or even when you are visiting the Eiffel tower, or even Lady Liberty?

Also how often do you use the elevator while shopping? Because when you are inside a Shopping Mall, and you have just bought 4 very nice pair of shoes at a great discount, but you are just starting to shop and the Mall has 4 floors filled with stores. Do you really walk each flight of stairs with 3 bags in each hand, just to get from the first floor to the 4th.? Of course not, you take the elevator to save your precious energy, so you redirect it toward shopping and enjoying being pursued by every Salesperson. So you see you are not different from other people way back in the day... For Example:

Way back in 1743, there was King Louis XV ( 15th. ) who was using the elevator, in the form of a " Flying Chair " in France inside the Versailles Palace. And since he did not want to climb the long stairs to the second floor of his palace, he had one installed so he could save his energy and be able to rule over his subjects. Also there were those during that same Century, who had the elevator inside their own homes, in the form of of a boxed-in chair and had a Sand Bag either attached to the side or inside that box, and then they would remove the back and the elevator-chair, attached to ropes, would quickly jerk up and lift them up to the designated area. Because they too wanted to save energy, so they could use it to do more important things.

So when you shop and are using the elevator, just be glad that it was made available by Great Visionaries of long ago. Who risked their lives in perfecting the elevator, because while they were using ropes, there are times when those ropes would rot and then brakes, then those people using the Chair-Elevator would plummet to the ground. Also you must be thankful to Mr. Elisha Otis, because it was him, back in 1854, who came up with a way to stop the elevator if the cable or rope broke. And then of course, afterward the elevator became the flying chair of choice in business, in shopping mall, in hotels, in private homes, and anywhere else people heart desired. So Shop And Save All Your Energy With The Elevator... Your Energy Savings Advocate, James Dazouloute

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