Souvenirs... The Ones You Gave Me To Live By. A Poem

Souvenirs... The Ones You Gave Me To Live By... And A Poem to remember Your love by. Yes my sweet love who has held me in deep astonishment by the many ways and forms that you have demonstrated your sentiments to me. I Love You with a love full of souvenirs, with a love full of romantic scenes being displayed in my eyes daily. And I love you with a memory of deep love making, with a reminder that only you exist for me, and with a great reason to live and be. 

Souvenirs are a way of life for me, for each day is another love moment that I can enjoy you by, for each hour is another Sigh by my heart - wishing for you to come along and love me again. I need to live my love, I need to feel you, I need to orgasm in my body and mind just thinking about you, I need to be caressed in a way that I will never let your touch go, and The Souvenirs that you have given to me allow me to do all these things. 

What Are Souvenirs? They are Only your perfect face, they are only your kisses, they are only the great love letters that you have used to enslave my heart with, they are only the moments that you constantly made love to me and then would ask me: Do You Need More?... Yes my sweet love, The Souvenirs are the times that you thanked God for me, the times that you allowed me the privilege to know that You were so lucky to have me. And definitely the times that you refused to let an hour go by without planting a soft sweet kiss on my shoulders- on my hand - on my chest - on my nose and even on my....

How could I forget You my Sweetheart? Since Souvenirs are holding me as Your Own, since my body is only remembering your touch, since my hands only want to caress You, since my lips only want to french kiss you, since my sexual being only want to experience you, since my showers only desire for you to wash me clean, since my ears only need to hear: I Love You s coming from your soothing voice. So How Could I Forget when I have Souvenirs Of You, of your heart, of your eyes and of your mind that are all dedicated to me, that are all loving to me, that are fulfilling all my sexual desires

A Poem as a Souvenir to live by, a poem is a way for me to have remembrance of your perfect love that is just for me, a poem to enjoy every inch of pleasure that you give to me, a poem is a way for me to have my way with you, a poem is my love crying out to you, a poem is my demonstration of love-devotion to you, and a poem is the souvenir I live with daily for the great enormous love that you shower me with.... So Souvenirs, Please Do Not Ever Leave Me, For You Are All My Constant Love Quenchers.... A Soul Filled With Souvenirs,  James Dazouloute

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