I Love Mother Earth, Don't You Also... A Poem.

Mother Earth, I write A Love Poem to acknowledge that You are the greatest Mother within the Entire Universe. And God outdid Himself when He Created You, and Placed Mankind within your belly, for we are all born strong, healthy and blessed with resources by You and from You. Thank You Dear Mother Earth for being so pure, so resourceful, so kind, so forgiving, so mysterious with your other creations, and so knowledgeable about all life and all spiritual matters.

I love You Sweet Mother Earth, for you are so patient with the Men and Women who have lost their way and are now constantly disrespecting You. And you are constantly smiling upon us even as we pollute you. 

I Love Mother Earth... Dont You Also? Because she is so great to us, she is so supportive of us, she is so kind to us. Yes I love mother earth, because she gives all of herself to us without reservation. She opens up all her insides for us to explore and extract her resources, she is always being the greatest mother of all by always worrying about us and our needs. Yes Mother Gaia is wonderful to the core, and she is always at peace with us no matter how much we pollute her. 

I Love Mother Earth... Dont You Also? Of course you do as well. I don't even know why I even asked you. Oh! It wasn't really meant for you, it was for the other people who are constantly dumping toxic waste inside the mouth of our great mother Gaia. It was meant for your neighbor next door who is using chemical fertilizer and 20,000 gallons of water a day just to keep his lawn green. It was meant for the people in your church who are constantly driving the car that's always smoking black smokes, and they let it run in the parking lot for a good 30 minutes every time. It was for your sister who buys boxes of make up products and then flushes the liquids down, whenever she is unhappy with a chemical beauty enhancement product. It was for the people at work who refuse to Reduce Reuse Recycle, and throw all their foam plates out from the restaurants, also the foam cups and the plastic bottles. So, of course not you, Fellow Lover Of Mother Earth.

Yes I love mother earth. Yes I love her beauty, yes I love her kindness toward me. Yes I love her serenity through all the troubles that we cause her. Yes I love my mother earth because she has never departed from the Original Mandate of God: To Love And Provide For All Beings. And yes she is an Angel in disguise who watches over us, she is a peace maker since she never rises up against us and unleash her fury. And if she has an earthquake, it is because her skin is breaking from us robbing her of all her oil, which keeps her moisturized. If her volcanoes belch, it is only because she is so congested. Yes once again, I Love Mother Earth for being perfect, for always forgetting herself and making sure that we have something to eat. Always Loving Mother Earth, James Dazouloute

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