I Don't Know Why I Love You, Here Is How To Finally Know

I don 't know why I love you and yet I do love you so much, is a statement that has left us baffled many times in our romantic relationships. And yet to this day many of us do not know why do we feel that way about the person, because they get on our nerves, they say stupid things, and they do dumb things. But amazingly, one word from that very lover and all is forgiven, and our love just explodes, also you have heard this song of Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt: " I don 't know much, but I know I love you. Well my dear friend, today I am going to explore this subject of mystery love with you, and help you get to the bottom as to " Why you don 't know why you love this person so much.

First off, when you have fallen in love or have given your heart to your lover, or even have moved your sentiments from like to love, it is all because you have come to a point where you made a personal decision to give in to your feelings. And whenever you accept a situation, especially a love situation, and you decide to fully open yourself and give your heart freely to that cause, you unconsciously become the master of your domain and of this situation. No longer a reactor to situations, but a powerful individual who is steering this love and building it up, although you are not aware that this is where you are and why you say I don 't know why I love you, but I do love you so much.

Second way to understand why you love your lover so much, is to know that you are a member of the Universe. A Universe that was created out of pure love, because the Creator, God, did not like to be alone nor did he like all the emptiness and darkness that was around him and so he started speaking and creating. And you are a child of this Creator, and whatever superb amount of love he has in his genes, he also passed on to you. And this is another reason why you have a great capacity to love someone and do not even know why, even when they upset you, even when they are ungrateful, or even when they disrespect you. 

For after all, look at how your Father, God, handle the children He loves, by looking at the book of Psalms, Chapter 78 and Verses 36 - 39, where God talks about how they flatter Him with their mouth and lied to Him in their tongues. for their heart was not right with Him, but He being full of compassion and Love forgave them their sins and did not destroy them. Because He remembered His love and that they were just flesh. And you two my dear reader do this, when your loved one angers you, and tell you lies or make dumb mistakes; you quickly forgive them and your heart is also full of compassion for them, and you even remember how weak they really are.

Third way to understand that: I don 't know why I love you, but I do love you so much is to examine your own heart and your own ways. For you go through mountain tops and valleys inside your head and your heart, because you are an emotional being. And it is all because your love is on fire, it is constantly flaming on high for your lover, ever since you decided to give your heart to the relationship. Because even though they did do a couple of small things at the beginning to help you along into loving them, it was always you that were eager to love, it was always you that had a deep loneliness before your love came along, and it was always you that were so generous with all your belongings including your heart. So now that your lover is here, you are driving at 100 miles per hour giving them your love, and when they disappoint, fall short, or can not keep up, you still love them. Because you want to and that is another reason why you say : I don 't know why I love you, but I do love you so much.

Additionally you love so much because of your great big heart. For it is the seat of the affections or sensibilities, in other words your love is filled with emotions and it contains love, hate, joy, grief, courage, patience, forgiveness, wrath, sympathy and understanding. You are a being that was made out love, and so all of it come from the inside of you, so this is the reason you don 't know why you love. For it is always you, it has always been you and it will always be you who give love freely, and choose blindly to ignore all the wrongdoings of the other person. And so deep down inside, you resent them for not keeping up their end of the bargain, for not always being honest, for letting you down from what you expect, for doing dumb things and for not loving you as deeply as you love them. But in your heart and in your mind you love to love, you love to give, you love companionship, you love closeness, you love belonging to someone and you love for your heart to be needed, and once again that is another reason why you 're confused and say: I don 't know why I love you, but I do love you so much. Your Romance Advocate, James Dazouloute

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