How To Reduce Waste And Stop Killing Mother Earth Every Hour.

What Is Waste that it has you all tied up in knots? Since you see it all around you, and you read about how it is contaminating the Earth and even killing the animals of the world. Yet you are still unsure as to what waste is, and if you are even participating in producing it then contributing to the death of Mother Earth. So allow me to help you, for Waste is any and all substances as well as materials that are gotten rid of or discarded, that exceeds ten pounds in weight or fifteen cubic feet in volume. Or even any tiny amount by weight or volume, if the material is biological waste, hazardous waste, a substance that is hazardous, or if the substance or material is dumped for commercial purposes.

So as you can see, regular waste stuff has to weigh at least 10 pounds or 15 cubic feet to be considered waste, and if it is anything chemical then there is no weight or cubic feet limit. And do not forget that Waste has many similarities with Litter, since Litter is any and all trash or debris or dead animals, garbage, sand, gravel, slag, brickbats, rubbish, bottles... And so is waste. Also waste is destructive for you and the earth, because you both can breathe it, you both can absorb it, and you both can die from it.

Important to learn and remember that Waste is very broad and can include: Dead animals, trash, garbage, sand, gravel, slag, brickbats, rubbish, bottles, waste material, tobacco products, rubbish, tin cans, tires, appliances, tools, machinery, wood, motor vehicles, mechanical equipment, construction materials, vessels, parts of equipment, aircraft equipment, waste oil, air pollution, parts of motor vehicles, aircraft equipment, batteries, antifreeze, air pollution control facilities, sludge from waste water treatments, any other discarded materials, air contaminants from any source or facility, substance of every kind and description resulting from domestic, industrial, commercial, mining, or government operations. So by this description, you very well can see that waste is just about anything and everything.

With that you must be very mindful of waste, with that you must do everything you can to stop waste, and with that you must do your part to help others understand how bad and terrible waste is. Since when you are looking at all that Waste includes, then you must be mindful when you see your neighbor change the antifreeze in his vehicle, for if your dog go and lick or lap that antifreeze, then he or she will die. Or if the sludge waste from water treatment plants are not properly treated, and that pollutant water is sent to your pipes and you drink, then you will suffer from the Cholera Disease. Or if the aircraft that is flying is spraying or releasing chem trail, then the air that you are breathing will be of poor quality, and your lungs will suffer.

Then there is Mother Earth who suffer the worst fate of all from Waste. Because you and I can avoid certain type of Waste, by staying away from it or not even allow it anywhere near us, but Mother Earth gets any and all of the descriptive items of Waste dumped on top of her, and inside her belly. Such As: Garbage, tires, appliances, motor vehicles, antifreeze, sludge from waster water, fecal matters, batteries, dead animals, polluted rivers etc. So Mother Earth is dying very rapidly each day, and since she is so large, then you can easily fail to see how much damage her liver suffers from, her veins, her trees, her herbs, her rivers, her soil etc. And on top of that the things that used to allow her to defend herself, as well repair her body are being taken away from her daily. Things such as her oil, her coal, her mineral, her silver, her trees... All the things that she needs to survive, while all the waste of mankind is filling up her belly.

Then there are the general laws that say: It is illegal for any person to dump waste unless authorized by law or by permits. Also banned are the activities of dumping Waste in or any public property, in or on any fresh or coastal water of the State, or in or on any private property unless prior consent of the owner has been given and such dumping is not a violation of any other State law or ordinance. And when the law states dumping, it means to place, to discharge, or to burn and any other sneaky item by any person.

What is waste... as you can see waste is just about everything that you see, feel or touch. And it is all bad for your health, and extremely destructive to Mother Earth. So you have to help others understand this, and also share with the rest of us what you are doing daily to control, reduce, and even eliminate waste.  Your Green Earth Advocate, James Dazouloute

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