How To Meet Me Halfway In Love.

MEET ME HALFWAY... Because No matter what I am doing my Love, I want You right there with me. No matter where this Earth Voyage may take us, I will not travel without You. And I have already realized that if there is No You, then there is absolutely No Me, for my very existence is to find happiness, and that is only stored with your bosom, within your perfect love that you have for me and within our union which you have blessed me with. And now I am the richer for it, and now I have found my Avocation and Vocation to make a living, and now I am caught in between your Heart and your Love For Me... Oh, What A Great And Formidable Place To Be!!!

SO MEET ME HALFWAY... And hold on to me for dear life, because I have already grafted myself within your deep love, within your perfect sentiments and all under your precious care. Oh My Sweet Baby, Won't You MEET ME HALFWAY? Won't you amaze me with your tender partnership, and won't you please feed me your precious half of love since I am now so dependent on You? Oh Won't You walk in love with me, and won't You join me on this trail of eternal bliss? I am already walking with my hands open, ready to have them closed by your hands

This is why You have to MEET ME HALFWAY... And never let me go. Meet me within the chambers of our romance, and never leave me alone. Meet me my Sweet Love across the plains of togetherness, and allow my heart to breathe once more. Meet me halfway on the battlefield of life, and we will conquer all doubts, as well overcome all trials and tribulations. Oh Me! Oh Gracious Me! Oh Lucky Me! How I rejoice over you my Love, how I am so ready to sacrifice all that I hold dear just for a glimpse of a lifetime with You... All because I have been taught: It Is Better To Have Loved Than Not To Have Loved At All... MEET ME HALFWAY, And I Will Love You For Ever.... James Dazouloute


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