How The Military Always Played A Role In Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving Traditions, And The Place Of The Military In Them. Yes my friend our  men and women in the military allow us to carry on with thanksgiving traditions, and they also allow us to enjoy those traditions with our loved ones in peace. For everyday they make sacrifice by having their limbs blown off, and have their very lives taken so that we can have freedom to enjoy our thanksgiving traditions. And not to forget that the Military is always following the orders of the Politicians, because they are mandated and compelled to do so through their oath of protecting the Nation at all costs and at all times, and so this is why you always have to support the Military and its many Warriors while working on the inside using your voice and your votes so you can have the right Political Leaders to reign over you. 

So thanksgiving traditions and our military go hand in hand, because when the fathers and mothers of our nation decided to risk it all and explore the new frontiers, they had to have men and women on the boats willing to defend them if they were attacked in any way. And so this is what our military does today, ready and willing to defend our way of  life, our belief, our thanksgiving traditions, and even the bad stuff in our culture. 

And just think about the lifestyle that you live now in your Country, there are many around the world who do not agree with it and may even think that your lifestyle is perverted and an abomination to God. And so once again, it is your Military who protect your lifestyle and your life from those people who want to see you wiped out. So thanksgiving traditions are intertwined with the Marines, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the National Guard and others, because without them, there would be no Thanks To Give because you and your family would be bombed and you all would not be here.

So definitely enjoy and carry on with the thanksgiving traditions, but remember that the military is an integral part of them. Because we live life as " One for all and all for one ", and you do know that the very reason for thanksgiving is to gather with your family and give thanks for all the great blessings that you have. Such as: Blessings for each person in your family who still have their health, their good mind  and their zeal for life. And part of this family are the persons who are serving in the military, who are your brothers, your sisters, your husband, your wife, your cousins and even your friends. And you give thanks to God, for them being alive, being protected, and being returned home safe and sound to your loving arms.

So definitely, enjoy all the thanksgiving traditions, and keep showing your appreciation, your gratefulness and your love. As well, remember that what you do in this life and the people that you share it with will echo all throughout eternity.  Your Thanksgiving Tradition Reminder, James Dazouloute

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