Healthy Living... 3 Super Easy Ways To Prevent Diabetes.

Dear Health Partner, you already know that this disease can cripple and maim. So you have to quickly do your part, and not give Diabetes a foothold over your body, mind and blood. You have to stand up against this disease, especially when the things that you have to do to prevent are well withing your reach.

And for healthy living when it comes to preventing diabetes, 
You already know all the basics about this disease. In that it causes your blood glucose levels to be quite high, and the reason why is that everything you put in your mouth, except for water, will end up turning into sugar. Because your body needs so much energy for you to just smile, or for you to even get up from your chair. And your pancreas is the slave that your body seem to be working to death to make Insulin. So that the sugar or glucose your body needs can penetrate and work inside the cells. And when you have diabetes, then the pancreas can not seem to make enough insulin, or the body at times can not use this insulin to break down the sugar in that bread you just ate, or those noodles that you love so much. And so the sugar builds up by a lot in your body. But there are 3 super easy ways you can prevent diabetes from getting to you.

And the first way for healthy living is: Light Exercise.
And if you have heard this one time, then you definitely have heard it a thousand. You have to become active and stay active dear friend, no matter your age. And you can not allow your body to carry a lot more weight and body fat than you will ever need. So you have to do whatever you can and whatsoever it takes for you not to gain weight, or for you to lose the extra weight. And one super easy way to do this, is to put on your tennis shoes and go to your nearest mall. And once there go window shopping by leaving your purse or wallet in the car, and only carry your I.D. And since most malls have 3 floors and about 300 shops, so walk all 3 floors and look at every shop. Only drink water and try not to sit down too much. And do this a few times a week, and you will lose weight without even thinking that you are actually exercising.

Second super easy way to prevent diabetes: Watch What You Eat.
And really nowadays dear friend, it is super easy for you to eat the right way. Because all around you people are talking about, and living healthy. And all stores nowadays have a section where foods are low fat, low calorie and low sugar. So just stay out of the fast foods restaurants, and just go do your grocery shopping in that section of the supermarket. Also at home, let your family know that you are trying your best to eat healthy, so they won't buy junk food or have a lot of rice, juice, ice cream all just laying around. Because if they are not there, then you can't eat them. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind and Definitely Out Of Body. Your Body.

Healthy Living... Third super easy way to prevent diabetes: Get Tested And Be Monitored.
The worst way for you to live your life, is for you to have plenty of things wrong with you and you have no idea. Kind of like when your car is about to break down and it is making all sorts of funny noises, and you sit in it clueless. Well don't be that way when it comes to diabetes, because it is the silent killer. No friend, go to the Doctor as often as possible, or look for whenever there is a Free Clinic Drive in your neighborhood, and go get tested for diabetes. And most pharmacies and supermarkets have free stations where you can get your blood pressure taken, among many other free tests. And remember, Having high blood pressure measuring 140/90 or higher is bad. And Having abnormal cholesterol with HDL cholesterol is 35 or lower, or triglyceride level is 250 or higher. So get tested today to see where you're at with diabetes and then continue to monitor your great health, so you can have great health for life. Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute

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