Fake Preachers And How They Are Exposed. By James Dazouloute

When it comes to Preaching The Word Of God, and doing His work to bless the lives of Billions, Preachers of The Word are regarded as true Ambassadors of God. Because the people believe that those Preachers  have spent many years studying The Word Of God, many years Praying - confessing their sins - Repenting - Fasting - Seeking The Face Of God - and have a truly genuine heart to serve and save others. And so this is why there are so many people who follow them, and are willing to listen to them since they are trusted to be close to God in prayers, close to The Creator in wisdom and very close to The Son Of God by their extreme Faith.

But Alas Beloved, Fake Preachers are all around you. Fake Healers are all over your Internet and Television. Fake speakers in tongues are swarming all around you and wanting to look Super Holy. Fake Pastors living with and displaying False Humility. Fake members of the Church of God are claiming that if God does not do one more thing for them, that they had enough blessings already to last them a lifetime, yet they are money hungry, they are burning with sexual lusts, they are mad with power and authority, they are insane with the need to be glorified, they are filled with The Devil and all his influences to trick, to deceive, to lie, to mislead, and to even trick the masses by pushing them in and forcing them into Hell itself.

And so what are You to do Beloved? How are you supposed to be encouraged on your walk with God? And who is supposed to join up with you in prayer and come in agreement with you? Especially since God said that if 2 of you should agree on any one thing, He will surely do it... And now that all these Fake Preachers are around, what can you do? And I am not talking about the little back wood Preachers with only 7-15 people following, no Beloved, I am talking about Mega Preachers who have at least 25,000 Followers within their local Church, and at least 5 million viewers every week watching and listening to them. So now you are beginning to see the power of Multiplication where once they corrupt 5 to 10 people with their false teachings, then those 5 will share what Their Pastor said and corrupt others. 

So Fake Preachers, You need to watch out for them and be quick to expose them, because of the great Spiritual Damages they are causing to You along with your Brothers and Sisters. And this is why You must read the Bible for yourself, and then because God tells you not to forsake the body of Christ and you must come together in prayer, praise and worship, then you must still remain vigilant, as well as protecting others. Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute


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  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    these devil type preachers are doing more damage than good, and not to forget they are filling up their pockets. Great way to bring awareness James.

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM

    This video about fake preachers really do expose them.


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