Do It Yourself Ideas To Save Money.

DO IT YOURSELF.. AND SAVE MONEY SHOPPING.. Since you just don't have the same amount of money you used to have, and now you have to rob Peter to give to Paul. So being a little Creative is right up your alley, because you have been doing this all of your life, and you have had to come up with ideas from out of nowhere just to make your life work, just to survive. So now that you have a place to live, it is not about going out and spending a ton of money off your credit cards, which you don't have, and then you become a slave to those credit card companies, when you have to exchange your Life Energy at work, just so you could pay some bills about Stuff you don't even want. And since I don't want you to fall into the great trap of Being Unhappy with yourself, with your life, with your family, because it seems that you can never have enough money to do all that you want, then I have to remind you, that You Must Be Creative. Since all that you really need in life is all around You, have always been and always will be. 

DO IT YOURSELF.... AND SAVE MONEY SHOPPING... So by now I am hoping that you are beginning to get a sense of just what you can do without spending a dime, if you just take the time to look around you and see all that you have already, and then begin to transform those things, begin to renew those things, begin to create new out of the old with just some paint, with just a conversion of an old chest drawer into a bulletin board for your family to communicate. Or just take some old spice racks, and mount them in your small bathroom walls, and now you can put all those items clogging up your counter in those old spice racks and just add a fresh coat of paint. And so instead of calling in an expensive Decorator, or going to spend money for every little thing and then call in a Profession Installer, you can just DO IT YOURSELF.... AND SAVE MONEY SHOPPING... Your Shopping Advocate,  James Dazouloute

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