Disaster Survival... What Is The Frame Of Mind To Be In.

Disaster Survival... Is important in all the areas of your life, since it can happen within any part of your life at any time. And if you have a job, disaster can strike in the form of an earthquake and your building is ruined right when you have just spent all your money. Or at your Church, where you get to balance your life, and now it is completely flooded. Or your only child is playing outside, and a car goes out of control and all of a sudden your child is dead. What do you do, and what frame of mind will you be in when a disaster happens to you?

When you have a disaster, you must have already preconceived it in your mind and life. And you must know that you are not entitled to anything in your life, you were created by a Being and He decides when to bless you, when to help you, when to allow Nature to cycle itself, and even when to allow Mankind's foolishness to run a mock, and come back to hunt them. So you must constantly be in the mindset that Anything Can Happen, And It Usually Does. Also you must realize that even the children whom you hold so dear to your heart, were given to you as well, and they too have their own mission that God gave to them. So if they happen to return home at 6 years of age or 100 years of age, or die after going to sleep or in a bad car accident. Then it was all meant to happen, and you are thankful for the time, the memories and the laughs.

And what you have to do is place yourself in Survival Mode... And I do not mean for you to be on High Stress Alert every single day of your life. What I mean is, always be on the look out for troubles and disasters in whatever you are doing, also ask yourself the big What If? But when you do, you must come up with a plan for what you would do, if this or that were to happen right now. Such as: You are driving right now, and all of a sudden there is a 15 car pile up in an accident, and the bridge you are about to get on is starting to sway heavily due to an oncoming earthquake. Remember, you must be in Survival Mode, so you must quickly change your mind about the route you wanted to take, and quickly get off that road and find an alternate route, as you get out of the way of the Ambulances.

Or You are at the Beach with your lovely family, and all of a sudden you see the Ocean water starting to retreat, as well you observe the fishes are flapping around in open air... And your brain is telling you that disaster is coming, so once again you are in constant survival mode. So you grab your family and you start to run, all the while screaming to everyone nearby to run for their lives before the arrival of the Tsunami. All because mentally you have decided long ago: That you will survive no matter what. Or... Or... Or...

So as you can see disaster survival is possible if you never allow the spirit of Fear to take over you. Because you know that around every corner disaster is lurking, and you also know that you are not entitled to always have blessing and everything perfect in your life. So you change your mind to get things and yourself ready at all times, and you steady keep looking for solutions as to what you would do right now, If This Or That Were To Happen Right Now. Your Disaster Survival Advocate, James Dazouloute

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