Basketball Free Throws... This Is Unbelievable What This Man Did.

Basketball Free Throws, are always very hard to perform because they require for you to have Perfect Hand - Eye - Body Coordination. And you see just how hard Free Throws are when our great basketball players are on the court. And every time there is a penalty call, then whoever is up has to fully concentrate, wipe the sweat off their eyebrows, wipe their hands on their shorts, practice a few air free throws with their hands, bounce their legs. And then when the Referee gives them the basketball, they also have to bounce the ball a few times on the ground just so they could begin the body - mind connection. 

And of course one of the notorious basketball players these days, who always have a very hard time with basketball free throws is Shaq, or Shaquille Oneal. And as great as he is in all other areas of this great sports, and as tall a giant he is ( 7+feet tall ), it's still quite a feat for him to sink the basketball in the net when performing free throws. But today, I will introduce to you a Gentleman who had no such problem in performing basketball free throws back in 1935. In fact he was the master.

Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Harold Levitt " Bunny. "

On a great day in Chicago back on April 6, 1935, there was a little competition taking place at a local Armory held by the Amateur Athletic Union. And on such great day and great evening, Mr. Harold Levitt " Bunny " who only stood at 5feet-4inches tall ( 5'4" ) started shooting some free throws in front of a large crowd of at least 5000 people. And he started around 7 p.m. making baskets in the net, and of course he looked so small and so short that no one really paid him any attention, and were all looking at the tall athletes, or the big name stars. 

But Around 8p.m. Mr. Levitt or Bunny continued to make basketball free throws without missing, and that is when the crowd started to notice and beginning to gather around him, and by this time he had already made over 100 hundred of them. And then came 10p.m., and Bunny was still making all his free throws consecutively, as now he was up to 300 plus already. And then came 11p.m., and you guessed it the great Mr. Harold Levitt was still at it, and now was at a whopping 400 free throws and still did not miss any. Now imagine how hard it is to shoot just a couple of free throws, you have to keep your balance, you have to keep your arms well elevated above your head, you have to maintain concentration and focus on the net as well as your flawless forms. But after one hour of just you shooting them, and not having your team mates taking turns, imagine how tired your arms are getting, and not to mention your mind. 

And so it was that just before midnight, that "Bunny" had made his 499th. Free throws in the basketball net. And on his 500th. One, he missed. And by this time, since he started shooting at 7 and the event had started around 5p.m., most of the crowd had gone home. And so it was that Mr. Harold Levitt had placed his name in the record books, by performing 499 basketball free throws. But right after he missed that one, he went on to shoot at least another 37 straight and he had stop because the place was closing up.

And later on, "Bunny" was hired by the Harlem Globe Trotters, and they used to hold contests with the public to see if anyone could out - shoot Mr. Levitt in free throws consecutively. And used to offer $100.00, and to this day it was never claimed. Because " Bunny " could easily make free throws, since he became the Master Of Basketball Free Throws, and his smallest amount of non-stop free throws was 96 straight. And the closest anybody ever came was 86 without missing at least one. 

And I beg You dear Sports friend, to please do something unbelievable or incredible, so that I can some day write about You as well. And you know this: The things you do today, will echo all throughout Eternity. So do something great, and stop wasting time. 

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