A Song In My Heart, You Are. A Love Poem By James Dazouloute

A Song In My Heart.... You Are. A Love Poem to revive our love, to give air to breathe to an exhausted passion that we have pushed to the max, and to even resuscitate the long dormant sentiments of perfect lovemaking, that we had once given life to. And so My Unique Love, A Song In My Heart I wake up singing, an unforgettable tune that is stuck in my head, a loving melody that my heart is pulsating to, a fiery beat of erotic musical chords that my soul is singing along to... And all that is YOU my Sweetheart. Yes I confess to you openly and to the world, that You are A Song In My Heart every single morning that I wake up to.

And since there is no one like you, and since God Declared that you were made unique, and since you have always cared for me in such a perfect way that no one can ever match, and since you have devoted the rest of your life to me to help me win your heart.... Then the song in my heart is being played over and over, and over again, and over.. until my brain freezes up. 

Then, My Heart will take over and continue to sing the Unforgettable Tune which You Are my Love Teddy Bear, over and over again, over and over again... until my heart has been arrested and stop to beat. 

Then, My Soul will take over, and begin to sing that great song in my heart, and spread that love song, You My Love, to the Universe so that the Holy Angels can join in with their chorus, and begin to sing as well, over and over again, over and over... until Eternity comes, and You and I have regained our position as The Ultimate Lovers Of The Universe.

And so, A Song In My Heart, A song in my soul, a song in my mind, a song in my sleep, a song in my spirit, a song to wake me up, a song to lift me up to the wings of love, a song in my joy to live... A Song That Is You Baby, A Melody That Is Your Essence, A Sing Along Tune That Is Your Perfect Heart Dedicated To Me, A Great Number One Hit That Will Go On Forever, Just Like My Love And My Loyalty, And My Passion, And My Willingly Enslaved Soul... Are all forever dedicated to singing You, A Song In My Heart...

I am in love with You, because we had agreed upon this, long before The Universe began, when we were just two spirit beings floating in love, and we decided to come down in this physical universe, to put Perfect Love into Practice and into Reality. And since I chose to come down as an Aquarius, in The Age Of Aquarius - to water the whole world with wisdom, with knowledge, with love, with Humanity, with Truth... Then I can not lie, I can not deter, I can not be Non-Loyal, I can not do anything else... Except Sing A Song In My Heart, A Song In My Soul, A Song In My Mind, A Song On My Tongue, A Song In My Ears, A Song In My Veins, And A Song In My Very Blood.... Which Is You.... My Melody Of Love... The Singer Of Your Song, James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I love this poem, there is truly a song in my heart. Eleanor

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    a song indeed, a great tune we hum when we are in love. Patricia


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