5 Mother Teresa Quotes That Will Help You To Be More Charitable.

Mother Teresa Quotes... Are being passed down to help you to give more to the causes of humanity. Since she was the poster for charity, for philanthropy, for love, for compassion, for giving back and for all helping all who are in needs. And remember, right after you finis accomplishing all in your life, then you must immediately start to work on your legacy in bettering humanity. And Mother Teresa Quotes help you to keep things in perspective, help to give from the heart, help you to give all you can give, and help to becoming immortal through the love in your heart. So here we go:

1. Choose always the more difficult task
When it comes to doing good, it is always very difficult to do the right things. To always be on point and to always reach out to your Higher Self. But when you are doing philanthropy, the greater and more difficult the task, the greater the Glory that God will give to you in due times. And remember, you always want to stand out from the crowd, since the crowd loves to do everything that is easy.

2. Do not seek to be admired and loved. 
Remember you are helping the less fortunate and you are planting seeds of love. You are showing how much God and His Universe has blessed you, in delivering others from their perils. And you are helping yourself and your descendants when you are giving charity through philanthropy, because all things in the universe are cyclical and will boomerang back to you and your loved ones. So with that, do not seek to be admired and loved, less your pride and ego take control of you and make you lose sight of Freely Giving.

3. Do not dwell on the faults of others.
When you are helping someone, it is because you already know that they have been unfortunate, or they have been careless, or they have been unlucky, or they have been dealt a bad hand. And even, there are others who have been stubborn to the point of stupidity, but you should not dwell on their fault. Less you fall into Judgment instead of Helping.

4. Speak as little as possible about yourself.
Philanthropy and Charity are not about you, they are about others. So do not bring out your credentials at every turn, do not let others know all the good that you have done for other people. Because once again, God and His Universe are not blind, nor are they stupid. God through His Universe will orchestrate to give back to you at the very time when you will need it the most. And remember, since God created all things and all beings, He does not like to owe anything to anyone. He Will Repay You.

5. Accept small irritations with good humor.
When you are helping others, they will irritate you. Because you already know that there are some who will not want you help, or even appreciate it. But do not let these small irritations make you have a bad day or stop giving of yourself to charity. Instead, see them for the Unwise and Unlearned as they are. And see them for being at a much lower level in life than you are, since after all, this is why they are so badly in need of you. So show patience, kindness, humility and definitely love.

Also, in a life of servitude to God, we have to remember that each one of us is at a different step with God. As well being perfected by different situations. And so all we can and should do is pray over others for God to enlighten them. And then speak great blessings over them. Thank You... Your Charity Advocate, James Dazouloute

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