5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Legal Expenses Low. By James Dazouloute

Legal expenses have now become as normal as buying groceries every week, because every life issue has now become a legal issue. And for the past 30 years, U. S. A. has become "Sue S. A.", for now anyone with as little as $30 can go down to a courthouse and file a lawsuit against you, whether it is merited or not.  So what do you do dear friend, if your neighbor is just jealous of your nice car and file a lawsuit against you for mental distress and emotional trauma, because every day you harass him or her by parking your nicer car in plain view of them?. Or what do you do when you hear the story of a woman going to McDonald and asking for hot coffee, when she gets it, put it in between her legs and burn herself. Then she files a lawsuit for a couple of millions and win?. And another one, a stranger comes knocking at your door trying to offer you frozen meat, or passing out their fliers, you tell them no thank you and ask them to leave; on their way to their car they slip and fall because it was drizzling. And now they sue you for $100,000. How do you take care of these
legal expenses?.

My dear reader, I used these seemingly silly examples only to show how real and yet ludicrous is our legal system in America. And so I intend to share with you way to stay away from legal expenses, and if you have them how to keep those legal expenses low.

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First way to deal with legal expenses is to be aware of the legal system and how close it lives from your door step. You have to always keep in mind that every event in your life can quickly become a legal event. From taking your car to the mechanic, and dropping off your clothes to the cleaners or even getting a mud bath at your favorite spa. So anything that you are involved in may have to sue you, or you may have to sue them. You must constantly be on the look out for potential legal situations and become proactive, just like with your kids and your house you make it child safe. You have to always look at every situation with the eyes of a lawyer and see how could this  affect me and my family sooner or later.

Second way to keep your legal expenses low is to be mindful of signing  contracts or forms. Like a tight lease, or long term contract with an alarm company. Whatever you are getting into, make sure first of all that you fully understand what your part is and what is fully expected of you. And second of all make sure if it is easy to get in, it also has to be easy to get out of. Do not ever let a contract be one way or iron clad to your disadvantage, and you can never be in an inferior position. For remember what a contract is, it is an agreement between two parties where one does one thing and the other has to do something in respond to that. People nowadays easily get into legal situation for anything, because of the " Easy Plans " appeal, like a cell phone contract. So keep your legal expenses low by not getting into every contract a company offers you.

Third way is to be a good citizen when dealing with the Police. And to keep your expenses low, do not mouth off to the Police when they pull you over. Understand that at that time they are in control, and they have a camera mounted on their dash to make them look good and make you look bad. You can politely explain your side of the story, but if they will not listen and are making a mistake or being rude, you can always file a complaint with internal affairs that same or next day. keep your expenses low by not having them add charges to your name, or write you more tickets than for what they pulled you over for. And remember this is what attorneys are for, while the Police is trying to get you in jail, your attorneys job is to keep you out. So let your legal strategy work.

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Fourth way of keeping your legal expenses low is to not lend your car to irresponsible family and friends. Do not co - sign for anyone who does not have the means to repay. Do not max out all your credit cards when you know your paycheck could never sustain the payments. Do not have a temper and try to put hands on people. Do not have a lead foot and speed your way down the roads as if you were the Police. Do not be gossiping and  accusing people without real proof, and get yourself sued for libel and slander. Do not steal anyone else ' s property. Do not ignore a ticket or any legal letters that your receive. Do not, do not do anything that you know will cause problems.

Fifth way to deal with legal expenses is to obtain a legal plan, or legal insurance, or legal expense plan. And the way these legal protection system work is, you pay anywhere from $16 to $40 per month into the system, and they give you a list of all that is covered, and assign you to a law firm. And when you have a legal situation, you call up that  law firm with your member number, and they provide the legal services you need at no extra fee for the services of the attorney. You may have to pay any fees the courts charge you for filing any papers. Now it is not your $30 per month on average that pays for the attorney ' s service, it is your $30 put together with 2 million or so members, and that makes about 60 million a month the main company gets. And they use around  20 million of that to pay all the attorneys nation wide monthly. So Do A Search Online Right Now, So You Could Find The Most Current Companies Offering Legal Services Plans, so you could be ready to pay for Legal Expenses when you need to do so. Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute

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