12 Ways To Prove How Much You Love And Respect Him.

To Prove Your Love to your man is to act-out that love in the little things that you do for him and say to him, as well let him do for you and say to you. And you already know that men likes very different things than women: In love, in bed, in food, in relaxation, in romance, in enjoyment, in sports, in speech, in furnishing, in bed, in fashion, in smell, in courtship, in relationship, in engagement and in marriage. So today I am going to share with you 12 things to do, to say and to be, to prove how much you love him. So Remember This Is For Him:

First way to prove your love: Call Him DADDY...
You already know that symbolically when you get married, the Father of the Bride always gives her away, and that is him passing the torch to the Husband so he can continue on where he left off. So he can take great care of her, protect her, spoil her, laugh with her, advise her, and even be the enforcer of certain rules as a woman is quite emotional and can want things that she does not really want. So call him DADDY and let him take his place. Because you very well know that You must speak what you want to bring forth.

Second way to prove how much U love him: Show Him You Like Him.
It's easy to love somebody as long as they do everything you were expecting every single day, and every single time. But it's very hard to LIKE somebody just for being themselves, because he or she will have bad habits, will have vices, will have silly ways, will have shortcomings. And all these will have nothing to do with what you were expecting, and so you must show your man how much you like him as a best friend with all his faults. Because that takes a lot of love.

Third way on how to get your man: Let Him Be A Man.
Again with the Daddy part, he wants to take care of you, he wants to open the door, he wants to baby you, he wants to carry you, he wants to drive you everywhere, he wants to adore you, he wants to brush your hair, he wants and he wants.... Just let Him. Do not for once, Say I Got It. Or You'll Be Sorry And Never Have It Happen Again. Because your Man know you can do it, but he is built to do for you, and it's kind of like the Blond who acts like she does not know how to change a tire. He Wants To Be The Hero.

You have to make that time for the two of you, and let him feel once again that he is your whole world. You Can Not, just make the kids all your priority or your job a constant priority. Because your man is a totally physical being, while you are a totally emotional being. So give your man all your attention. Remember? King Of The Castle???...

Fifth way on how to love a man: Tell Him You Can't Do This Without Him.
Ms., he knows you can survive on your own, and notice I said SURVIVE and not live happily?. But you also know that 2 heads are better than 1. Also 1 can put a thousand to flee, but 2 can put 10,000 to flee. Additionally, 1 person can fight only what is in front, but 2 people can stand back to back and take on all enemies. So Learn From All This, And Stop Surviving, make him feel like a King and he will act like a King. But tell him he is nothing, and he will do nothing. Same thing with your child.

Sixth way to prove how much U love him: Fix His Favorite Meal.
All men have bigger body mass than women, and therefore require way more foods. So fix him his favorite meal from your hands just once a week, instead of insisting he takes you out every night of the week. Because every man always looks to marry his Mother if she was great, and every woman looks to marry her Father if he was great.

Seventh way: Don't Tell Your Man "I Have A Headache".
And this is the number one cause for cheating, for infidelity, for distance, for romance burn-out, for dead passion. And the woman will always end up suffering the most, yet she is the one who may have started it. IMPORTANT: Women give Sex to get Love, Men give Love to get Sex. LEARN....

Eighth way to prove your love: Stop Saying I Don't Need A Man.
Us Psychologists have always agreed that it is better to beat someone than to put them down with negative words. Because if you beat someone, the scar will heal and the pain will go away. But hurtful words that you keep on pronouncing over and over, will echo in the mind and memory of that person for LIFE. Just like a child, if you keep telling him or her they are no good and will never amount to anything. Then....

Ninth way to prove your perfect love to your man: Tell Him Kindly What You Need.
Sit on his lap, rub his head, play with his ears, kiss him gently and then tell him what you need. And you will see that you will get it almost all the time. But put your hands on your hips, then swear and make threats to leave, then all you'll get is a fight. Because Men are built for hunting, for gathering, for fighting. So don't start none...

Tenth way to keep your man madly in love with you: Don't Just look Nice When You Are Going To Work.
When he met you, how did you look? Always go back to that day and try your best to look better than that for him. Don't wrap your hair when you're at home looking like a Slave, but soon as it is time for work you look like a Supermodel. But he only sees you for 20 minutes before work, but all the Men where you work get to see you and talk to you for at least 8 hours. Is That Fair, And Is This You Saving Your Relationship?

Eleventh way to prove how much you love him: Always Ask Him If You Can.
All people want to feel important, and a man definitely needs to feel that way at home. Because he already gets treated roughly by Society, and you are his flower. So ask him if you can go out with your girlfriends all night long, or if you can go on a shopping spree? Because this is your love teddy bear, this is your baby and this is your man forever.

Twelfth way to show your love to your man: Don't Be Rude In Front Of People.
Men have a lot of testosterone, men have a lot of pride, men are born leaders and men are easily embarrassed. So be kind and respectful to your loving man when others are around, because this is not the time for you to show OUT. And remember what has always been said about: An Animal Cornered Will Bite. Your Choice. Your Relationship Advocate, James Dazouloute





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