How To Love With All Your Heart, And Get The Same

How To Love... With All My Heart, And Get The Same? And I command You first of all Beloved, because since you are a little god who was created in God's Image, then you have taken upon His greatest attribute by wanting to Love. And not just love, but you want to dedicate your Life to learn How To Love Perfectly, and then turn around and pour that immense love of yours upon one and all, who are willing to join you in your Life Journey. And so because you ask that question today, then I know that you are not like others, who are afraid to open up their heart, or think that they are way too grown and have more important things going on than to love, by joining their heart with another lover. But not you beloved, because you are a True Romantic At Heart, you are A Purist, you are A Giver, you are A Protector, you are An Admirer of all that is beautiful, you are A Dreamer who brings to reality the love that others can only dream of. Yes You, the Great Leader Of Love, the Pioneer Of Love, the Guardian Of Love, the Passion who vents Love's flame, and The Co-Creator with God of Perfect Love to conquer all ugliness, all abuse, all malicious activities, all wickedness, all stupidities, and of course All Evil.

How To Love?.... Well allow me today to share with you 3 great ways to always go about that Holy Activity, so that way you can first plant The Seeds Of Love within your circle of Life and Lovers, then you can watch over it and cultivate as it germinates and begin to grow, and finally be ready to lovingly corrupt others with Your Great Love, by producing fruits in them that they will enjoy to devour.

So, First Way On How To Love With All Your Heart, And Get The Same: You Must Open Your Heart Fully.
And I do not mean for you to be the kind of person who has to wait for others to show You just how they can love you first, how they can understand you first, how they can get along with you first, how they can grow with you first, how they can walk with you in an harmonious way first... And then, and only then will you begin to open up your heart just a little bit by a little bit. Where Is The Glory In That? Because Greatness into anything, always come from that great Pioneer who is willing to grab something, hold it fiercely, shape it, mold it, and make happen just what he or she wants to happen. 

And so if you wait for someone to show you love, and then you show yours, then you are just A Puppet of their affection, their attention, their care, and their passion. Besides that, you will only be matching their love with the intensity they provide to you. Again, where is the glory in that? No Beloved, before anyone can show you the slightest hint of love, You, take authority over your heart and love, and begin to plant your seeds of love into that person's head, that person's mind, that person's heart, and even into that person's daily activities... You Open Up Your Heart, and begin to push through with decisiveness into that person's consciousness. And do it in such a big way, that your love and actions will be shouting: I Am Here, And I Will Not Be Ignored. And that is how you open up your heart fully, on your own, and as a Pioneer.

How To Love? Second Way: Only Look For Love In Others.
If The Christ, and The Buddha taught us anything of lasting value, it is that you must be laser focused on Love. And Love only, in all that you do, in all that you undertake, and in all that you realize. In other words, never - ever settle for listening to the negativity's of others. Because You already know that there are many ignorant and unlearned brothers and sisters out there, who think they know everything, but have yet to realize that To Love is the beginning of all true wisdom. And so those people are quick to take up a fight, they are quick to speak their minds and set anybody straight, they are always claiming that they don't have time for this or that, and yet their whole lives have been full of dramas, mistakes, failures, fights, silliness... But in their eyes, they have a good handle on Life. But You Know Better, and so with these people, especially with them, You Beloved, push through and plant your seeds of love within every inch of them and around them. And expect that at the beginning, that type of person will do everything he or she can to get away from you, to act like he or she does not need Sentimental Love right now, and is just fine. Don't Believe The Hype, because that person is as lonely as a pet whose owner forgot about, and left them home for a month's vacation. So again, look for love in that person, and you'll see that he or she never had the best, You. 

3rd. Great Way To Love With All Your Heart, And Get The Same: Expect Others To Do You Wrong, So You Could Multiply Your Perfect Love.
And really Beloved, I never really understand this in Love Relationships, where one person does the other wrong by lying, by cheating, by let down, by anger, by abuse... And the victim just automatically retaliates, by going out and doing the same thing, or by quitting. I Say This Is Missed Opportunity To Truly Love... 

And so for the Victim, You, this is your time To Shine, and not the time to retaliate, or to quit, or to run away. Especially when that other person realizes they have done wrong and is sick of themselves. Because You now have the upper hand Beloved, you now are the greatest of light in that relationship. And so now is your time to overwhelm them, and really bring them to shame by really multiplying your efforts and out pour your great love. And if you meditate with me, you will realize that God Has been doing this ever since time began. For every time Man or Woman has lied to Him, has cheated on Him, has ignored Him, has even committed iniquities and He catches them in the act... What Does God Do? He puts them to great shame, by re-multiplying His efforts and pour even more love than before upon them. And He keeps on doing that for years. And when His Work Of Love has finally comes to fruition in that person's heart and mind, then that is the day that this person finally kneels down, and confess all their sins to God, and ask Him to please forgive. And then you see that person go on to imitate God and become one the greatest lover of Humanity, and begin to write: How Great Thou Art, That Saved A Wretch Like Me... Then Sing My Soul..

And so it must be the same for you Beloved, it must be what you do when someone you care about do you wrong. And do not forget that for each wrong done to you, God through His Universe, multiply Righteousness and Blessings to You seven fold. Because it is God's Law that if a man steals from another, he is to confess it, and then repay that man seven times? Why? Because from the day that he stole that thing, time has passed, seasons have passed, growth has passed. And so when he finally start to repay, the seven fold is what that thing has grown into, according to God. And so it is when your Heart has been broken, when your love has done you wrong. When he or she has stolen precious time to be spent with you, and has given it to others in flirting, in idle conversations at work and on the social medias. And he or she has even stolen precious love making time from You and being imaginative, by giving these away in their lustful thoughts toward others. And that is when You Are At Your Greatest, when you have been done wrong, because God, The Universe, The Holy Angels, and even Wretched Society are all on your side. 

So Be An Opportunist Like Me, and look forward to others doing you wrong, to others taking you for granted, to them stealing from your heart.. And Then, You re-double your effort and love them even more. Because then, you will drive them to deep shame and complete repentance, and then they will love you perfectly by loving you back the same way. Or they will be driven to commit Suicide, because God placed a Spirit, called Conscience inside them. And when you multiply your efforts after the wrong and now you are even showing them more love, especially that type I described above (There are many ignorant and unlearned brothers and sisters out there, who think they know everything, but have yet to realize that To Love is the beginning of all true wisdom. And so those people are quick to take up a fight, they are quick to speak their minds and set anybody straight, they are always claiming that they don't have time for this or that, and yet their whole lives have been full of dramas, mistakes, failures, fights, silliness..) Then You Beloved, will be wearing them down to Nothing, down to no more pride, down to no more ignorance and being stupid... Then You Will Get The Same Love Back, But Seven Fold... Your Soul Mate Advocate, James Dazouloute

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The Dog...What Part Of Heaven Did This Animal Come From.

What Part Of Heaven Did The Dog Come From? And What Great Plans Did God Have For Creating The Dog Animal? Because when you look around Beloved, you see that there are over 200 different breeds of dogs who are serving Mankind, as well being their most faithful companion, and even allowing The Human Specie to pimp them. Also, The Dog Animal is always giving of itself, always protecting what is not its own, and always coming back for more even after its owner has just kicked it in the guts, and gave it some broken ribs. 

And so this why you must join me in asking: What Part Of Heaven Did The Dog Animal Come From? Since no other animal is more playful, no other being enjoys the company of Humans as much as this animal does. And then there are the great parts that The Dog has played in every culture, in every civilization, in every nation, in every kingdom and nowadays in every single Human's life. So was it from The North Side Of Heaven, or The South Side that this great majestic animal came from? And Was God tyring to help out Mankind from his many trials and tribulations by giving him a faithful companion to always be there, helping him mentally, physically emotionally and even spiritually?

It has been said that All dogs can be traced back 40 million years ago to a weasel-like animal called the Miacis which dwelled in trees and dens. The Miacis later evolved into the Tomarctus, a direct forbear of the genus Canis, which includes the wolf and jackal as well as the dog. So All dogs, regardless of breed, are direct descendants of wolves and technically of the same species. (Again, this is what Scientists have claimed, and what may not have actually been).

The first dogs were self-domesticated wolves which, at least 14,000 years ago, became attracted to the first sites of permanent human habitation. The oldest known dog bones were found in Asia and date as far back as 10,000 B.C. The first identifiable dog breed appeared about 9000 B.C. and was probably a type of Greyhound dog used for hunting. So Dogs have lived with humans for over 14,000 years. Cats have lived with people for only 7,000 years Greyhounds appear to be the most ancient dog breed. "Greyhound" comes from a mistake in translating the early German name Greishund, which means "old (or ancient) dog," not from the color gray.

Dogs In Latin America Belief and Myth says that typically black or very dark in color, were often believed to carry or guide the newly dead souls across a large body of water or a river to the afterlife. People that had been abusive or cruel to dogs would be given a poor guide or a dog that was so dark it would become lost to the human souls in the water, ensuring they would remain forever outside of the afterlife. (Just in case, be mindful how you treat The Dog in your life) In early Greek mythology, a large three headed dog known as Cerberus keeps a watchful eye over Hades, preventing those people that have entered from escaping. Although in modern depictions Cerberus has three heads, earlier legends often have this dog having as many as fifty heads. The similarly-named Cerbura is the three-headed infernal dog of the Krishna legend. And a faithful dog named Katmir remained alert and guarded seven Muslim boys while they slept for 309 years.

Anubis is portrayed as a man with the head of a jackal-like animal. Unlike a real jackal, his head is black, representing his position as a god of the dead. There is a beautiful statue of him as a full jackal in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Anubis was a psychopomp, said to guide the souls of the dead for their judgement. Important to note that, Psychopomps are Guides of Souls, Ushers of the Dead, particular spirits, angels, animals or deities whose responsibility is is to escort the newly-deceased souls to the afterlife.

Pekingese and Japanese Chins were so important in the ancient Far East that they had their own servants and were carried around trade routes as gifts for kings and emperors. Pekingese were even worshiped in the temples of China for centuries.  Ancient Egyptians revered their dogs so much so, that when a pet dog would die, the owners shaved off their eyebrows, smeared mud in their hair, and mourned aloud for days. And The names of 77 ancient Egyptian dogs have been recorded. The names refer to color and character, such as Blackie, Ebony, Good Herdsman, Reliable, and Brave One.

In Hindu religions the god of death, Yama, is usually always found with two dogs, each having four eyes. These dogs are responsible for searching out and finding people that are about to die, then directing Yama to them to be brought to hell if he or she is judged to be unworthy of heaven.

Mosaics meaning "Beware the Dog" would be found on doorsteps in ancient Roman cities. The world's first dog show was held in Britain in 1859. People in ancient China stayed warm by carrying toy breeds in their sleeves. The smallest mature dog was a Yorkshire Terrier that was 2 1/2 inches high at its shoulder. The heaviest dog ever weighed 319 pounds. The oldest dog ever died at age 29. The tallest dog ever was a Great Dane who stood 41 inches high. The first living creature sent into space was a female dog named Laika launched by the former USSR on November 3, 1957.

In ancient Greece, kennels of dogs were kept at the sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus. Dogs were frequently sacrificed there because they were plentiful, inexpensive, and easy to control. During the July 25 celebration of the kunophontis ("the massacre of dogs"), dog sacrifices were performed to appease the ancestors of Apollo’s son, Linos, who was devoured by dogs.. And The dog was frequently depicted in Greek art, including Cerberus, the three-headed hound guarding the entrance to the underworld, and the hunting dogs which accompanied the virgin goddess of the chase, Diana.

The eerie Cwn Annwn. In Welsh mythology, Arawn rides with his white, red-eared hounds (the Cwn Annwn or Hounds of Annwn) through the skies in autumn, winter, and early spring. The baying of the hounds is identified with the crying of wild geese as they migrate, and the quarry of the hounds are the souls of the damned, being chased back to Annwn. Although visible to earthly dogs that howl with fright when encountering the Cwn Annwn, the Hounds of Annwn can't be seen by ordinary human beings.

In early Christian tradition, Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, is sometimes depicted with a dog’s head. LET'S SEE HOW THE CHRISTIAN FAITH USES DOG ANALOGY:

Matthew 15:25-27 
‘But the Canaanite woman came and knelt before Jesus, saying "Lord held me". He answered "It is not fair to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs." She said "Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table." 

Luke 16:19-21
There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and who feasted sumptuously every day. And at his gate lay a poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores, who longed to satisfy his hunger with what fell from the rich man’s table; even the dogs would come and lick his sores…’  

Isaiah 56:11
The dogs have a mighty appetite; they never have enough. But they are shepherds who have no understanding; they have all turned to their own way, each to his own gain, one and all. 

Matthew 7:6
"Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you. 

Revelation 22:15
Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.
Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany left approximately $106 million to her Alsatin, Gunther III, when she died in 1992.

The term "dog days of summer" was coined by the ancient Greeks and Romans to describe the hottest days of summer that coincided with the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius.

During the Renaissance, detailed portraits of the dog as a symbol of fidelity and loyalty appeared in mythological, allegorical, and religious art throughout Europe, including works by Leonardo da Vinci, Diego Velázquez, Jan van Eyck, and Albrecht Durer.

The most dogs ever owned by one person were 5,000 Mastiffs owned by Kubla Khan. 

And In Iran, it is against the law to own a dog as a pet. However, if an owner can prove the dog is a guard or hunting dog, this restriction doesn’t apply. 

Muslim reticence concerning dogs is perhaps due to the fact that rabies has always been endemic in the Middle East.

During the Middle Ages, mixed breeds of peasants’ dogs were required to wear blocks around their necks to keep them from breeding with noble hunting dogs.

The phrase "raining cats and dogs" originated in seventeenth-century England. During heavy rainstorms, many homeless animals would drown and float down the streets, giving the appearance that it had actually rained cats and dogs.

During the Middle Ages, Great Danes and Mastiffs were sometimes suited with armor and spiked collars to enter a battle or to defend supply caravans.

Scholars have argued over the metaphysical interpretation of Dorothy’s pooch, Toto, in the Wizard of Oz. One theory postulates that Toto represents Anubis, the dog-headed Egyptian god of death, because Toto consistently keeps Dorothy from safely returning home.

Dog laws include allowing police offers in Palding, Ohio, to bite a dog to quiet it. 

In Ventura County, California, cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit. 

And The Akita is considered worst than the Pit Bull, and is one of the most challenging dogs to own. Some insurance companies have even characterized it as the #1 "bad dog" and may even raise an Akita owner’s homeowner insurance costs.

A barking dog never bites."
- describes people who sound more dangerous than they really are. 

"Barking up the wrong tree." - means to look for something in the wrong place. 

"Dog in a manger." - describes a person who keeps others from using something that he himself cannot use. 

"Let sleeping dogs lie." - means to leave a situation undisturbed. 

"Tail wagging the dog." - means that an unimportant member of a group is actually directing every one's activities. 

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks." - is often used to describe a person who refuses to change their ways, or to learn a new way of doing things .

The Dog.. What Part Of Heaven Did This Animal Come From? And now You are a witness as to just how much work The Dog has done in the lives of many. Just how selfless is this animal, just how overprotective is this being of grace, and just how much Humans are loved by The Dog. And so in every way, The Dog has been an integral part of our lives, and has dedicated itself, through over 200 breeds, to love us, to work for us, to play sports with us, to adore us, and to defend us to the death. 

So this animal, The Dog, must have come from The North Side Of The Highest Heaven, where The Great Congregation Of God Meets to praise, to worship, to give counsel, to honor... And all the while The Dog is laying at God's Feet forever watching, forever wagging its tail at the new Humans appearing before God's Throne, and forever Loving God and His most Prized Creation, You and Me... So Starting today, You Must Do Whatever It Takes To Get To Know The Dog Along With All Other Animals That God Has Created, Because You Are Just Missing Out On Their Loving Capabilities. Your Dog Loving Advocate, James Dazouloute




Top 3 Things To Look For On Dating Sites Right Now

Dating Sites... 3 Things To Look For In Those Match Making Services. Because you have been around the block Beloved, and quite a few times you might add. So by now you have come to know what to look for in anything you are getting involved in, especially when it comes to the Affairs Of Your Heart. And on top of that, you must continually be on the look out for how you spend your money, your time, your precious energy, and even how you invest your heart and your emotions into others. Because all these things make up the essence of You, your personality, your mission, your purpose and lifestyle. And so when you are looking for love on Dating Sites or using Match Making Services, more specifically when you are looking to find your Soul Mate who was designed by God perfectly Just For You, then you must have certain high standards that those services must meet. And not to forget that Your Safety is of the utmost importance, and we are not talking about just physical safety, but also the safety of your identity, your financial safety, and even the safety of your reputation. So today, I intend to share with You 3 key things to always look for before engaging with, or employing Dating Sites or Match Making Services, because in your search for Love And Relationship, You must be enlightened.

First Key Thing To Look For In Match Making Services: Are They Upscale, And Is Their Clientele As Well?.
Meaning, what kind of Clientele do they offer their services to? Because you don't want them to be so money hungry that they are willing to sign up just anyone so they could pay their rent and employees. No, you want them to make available to you the kind of professional people that you have become accustomed to. And I don't just mean people who have a good job, because more often than not, the more money people make, the more rude they become, the more condescending they talk to others. What you are to look for are people who are True Professionals in their lifestyles, in dealing with others with great respect, and in being truthful because their reputation and good name ,are the quintessential aspect of who they are. And I told you all this, because you don't want to finally meet someone from that Dating Site, and go out on a date, and that person just let anything fly out of their mouth, and they just let their destructive behaviors get the best of them. And now you are red face with shame. So look out for that, and inquire from the Match Making service about the kind of people they take on.

Dating Sites... What 3 Things To Look For In Those Match Making Services? Second Thing To Look For: Do They Check Members For Sex Offenders, And Other Criminal Behaviors.
And this one is very important to you, because the person you are going out on dates with, may have to bring you home, may be invited to a family barbecue, may accidentally meet your kids after a few dates. Or this person may even have a violent criminal past, and you don't want to put your life in danger because you were looking for Love and your Soul Mate. So you must always look for Dating Services or Match Making Services who spend a little bit of time and money, by running background checks on their members, because you would think that they too have their own reputation to maintain. And even if they charge you higher rate for their services, then you at least will have a starting point in dealing with that potential lover. And just because someone is successful, or have their own successful business, does not necessarily mean that he or she has a clean background. It just means that they have a good business mind, after all, the neighborhood drug dealer or rapist can be successful as well. So again, look for those services to offer you that, but do your own background Online through a service before a first date as well.

Third Key Thing To Look For From Dating Sites: Do They Have Strict Policies, And Do They Enforce Them.
Meaning, do they actually mean what they say in their websites or in their contracts, like Google does? And will they terminate an account if certain major policies are violated? And you want to know that up front, because you don't want a Stalker that you have met through that Match Making Service making your life miserable, and they are still taking his or her money monthly. Nor do you want someone to get your information to try and meet you for love, but then he or she ends up only pushing their services, their products or even their lifestyle upon you. Because by then you will have wasted your time, your efforts, your energy, your motivation in looking to have a good time while looking for love. Also, you don't want your business being put out in a Newspaper or Online, nor do you want to go on a date and that person was only doing research for their next book, but failed to disclose that, and now you are made famous involuntarily. So Watch Out For That.

Dating Sites... 3 Things To Look For In Those Match Making Services. Well there you have it Beloved, and now you have the foundation of what to look for before plunking down anywhere from $50.00 to $5000.00 per month for a Dating Site or Match Making Service. And really there are some great services Online and Offline,whose sole purpose is to truly help you find the exact love that matches your personality, your lifestyle and even your aspirations. Because You don't want to spend all that time and money, and then in the end the only things that happened for you, is you losing a great deal of money, is you losing your reputation, is you losing your motivation to look for the love that is perfect Just For You... Your Dating Site Adviser,  James Dazouloute

 DATING SITES ARE THE BEGINNING OF YOUR JOURNEY INTO DEEP LOVE AND ROMANCE... But First, Your Heart Must Know Certain Key Things About Romance. And This Great Book Will Tell You All About It: What My Heart Didn't Know About Romance. A Book By James Dazouloute

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How The Military Always Played A Role In Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving Traditions, And The Place Of The Military In Them. Yes my friend our  men and women in the military allow us to carry on with thanksgiving traditions, and they also allow us to enjoy those traditions with our loved ones in peace. For everyday they make sacrifice by having their limbs blown off, and have their very lives taken so that we can have freedom to enjoy our thanksgiving traditions. And not to forget that the Military is always following the orders of the Politicians, because they are mandated and compelled to do so through their oath of protecting the Nation at all costs and at all times, and so this is why you always have to support the Military and its many Warriors while working on the inside using your voice and your votes so you can have the right Political Leaders to reign over you. 

So thanksgiving traditions and our military go hand in hand, because when the fathers and mothers of our nation decided to risk it all and explore the new frontiers, they had to have men and women on the boats willing to defend them if they were attacked in any way. And so this is what our military does today, ready and willing to defend our way of  life, our belief, our thanksgiving traditions, and even the bad stuff in our culture. 

And just think about the lifestyle that you live now in your Country, there are many around the world who do not agree with it and may even think that your lifestyle is perverted and an abomination to God. And so once again, it is your Military who protect your lifestyle and your life from those people who want to see you wiped out. So thanksgiving traditions are intertwined with the Marines, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the National Guard and others, because without them, there would be no Thanks To Give because you and your family would be bombed and you all would not be here.

So definitely enjoy and carry on with the thanksgiving traditions, but remember that the military is an integral part of them. Because we live life as " One for all and all for one ", and you do know that the very reason for thanksgiving is to gather with your family and give thanks for all the great blessings that you have. Such as: Blessings for each person in your family who still have their health, their good mind  and their zeal for life. And part of this family are the persons who are serving in the military, who are your brothers, your sisters, your husband, your wife, your cousins and even your friends. And you give thanks to God, for them being alive, being protected, and being returned home safe and sound to your loving arms.

So definitely, enjoy all the thanksgiving traditions, and keep showing your appreciation, your gratefulness and your love. As well, remember that what you do in this life and the people that you share it with will echo all throughout eternity.  Your Thanksgiving Tradition Reminder, James Dazouloute

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3 Best Recipes To Use For Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving food, 3 Of The Best Recipes To Make And Have Good Health, and how to enjoy it with your whole family. Because you know that in life you really only need 3 things to survive: God, health and Love. Yes my friend, you need God to help you and love you. You need to have your health, so that you can accomplish all that destiny has for you to do. And then of course you need love, because without it life is not worth living. And nothing is more of a stronger bond than the love that you share with your family, because that is your own blood. And then you go on to demonstrate that love by cooking for them, by preparing the best meal you know how to make so they could enjoy. Because whatsoever they enjoy the most because of you, will only translate into more love and adoration for you, along with more great love in your life, which will of course make life worth living. So Let's Take A Look At 3 Easy Great Recipes To Use For Your Thanksgiving Dinner, Or Any Other Type Of Dinner For That Matter. 

Watch Video About Thanksgiving Food, 1st. recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole

Watch Another Video About Thanksgiving Food, 2nd. Recipe About: French onion green bean casserole

Watch Another Video About Thanksgiving Food, 3rd. Recipe: Thanksgiving Perfect Stuffing

So with the thanksgiving food that you have prepared, do invite as many family members that you have access to. And remember, you only get to see them here and there, also you do not know when their journey here on earth will be over with, or how long they have been given by God. So do break bread with your family and share your thanksgiving food every chance you get. Because one thing that I dislike, is when you go to a Funeral, and you hear everybody come up on the Pulpit and start to give rave reviews to that dead person, but when he or she was alive, they would not have that person in their home, they would not break bread with him or her, they would not even talk with that person on the phone on a weekly basis. But when Death comes, then you have all the tears, then you have all the regrets, then you have all the "I Wish...". So please Beloved, don't be one of those people, put your best hands forward, and begin to prepare your thanksgiving dinner using these great recipes and connect with your loved ones. Oh and don't forget to invite friends like Me, as we are all your extended family, Humanity. Your Thanksgiving Food Advocate, James Dazouloute.

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Why Dating And Love Are So Important After 50.

Dating Over 50, And Still Find Your Love that You Will Connect With . And it is never too late dear friend to connect in love and find your companion, for you too can not suffer to be and live alone. So be forever mindful That you are a being radiating with love and you must find your opposite. Because Love is the one attribute that must always be aspired to, and not to forget that your emotions and sentiments will always demand that you keep on searching for love until the day that your purpose and mission here on earth is over with. And you have to learn and remember that, Life Is All About Love. And even though your body may get hold, your Heart is forever young and will always feel the gentle touch of Love, and so you must keep on pushing through and keep on loving one and all whom the Universe is constantly placing within your path.

And when it comes to Dating Over 50, one of the key mistakes that many make is that they erroneously think that they are Too Old For Love? What A Shame and what a misguided feeling to have, because you can never be too old for love, you can never stop loving. And just look it that way, when you are in your 50s, you love your daughter, you love your son and grandchildren, you love your friends, you still have love for your husband or wife who may have passed on, and you even love that cute dog who is playing with you. So What Is Love? Is Love not an emotion, a feeling, a sensation, a peaceful joy... So as you are loving all these beings, how are you misled into believing that Love is no longer for you. Especially when you have so far gained a great amount of wisdom, and you know that Romantic Love is the best kind of love that exists. For it is the kind of love that will make you feel alive, makes you feel wanted, make you feel energized to get out of your house and go exploring hand in hand...

So for Dating Over 50, do go on and Fall In Love all over again, and never be afraid to give of yourself unselfishly, you are made of love and of passion. And that will be with you until you pass on, and then your true Legacy will have been built, because that romantic lover will always remember you, and will talk about you even at the retirement home later on. So Please Beloved, at age 50 and Up, you are just now beginning to mature romantically. You are just now beginning to find yourself as a person, and now you can finally give yourself truly to the one you love. Because now you have mastered your emotions, you are now a ripe fruit who is succulent and ready to be truly enjoyed, you are now the wonderfully wise person that everyone wants to be around.... So Fall In Love Today... Your Love Finder,  James Dazouloute


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