Why Your LOVE Must Be PASSIONATE. By James Dazouloute

LOVE IS PASSIONATE... And she will not bow down to your ways or to your lover's ways. Because she has been around long before God created Time for the sake of Mankind, and Love has always known what is the best thing for God, for the Universe, for Planet Earth, for Romance, for Marriage, for Friendship and even for the Brotherhood of Humanity. And so why should Love as a Deity and an Entity bow down to your mediocrity, your laziness, your stubbornness and even your stupidities? You who have only been around for a few Human years, but only been alive for a few seconds in the time of the Immortals.

So Love must be Passionate or nothing else. And on top of that, you have to realize that one side has to give in to passion, and it will have to be you and your lover Beloved, since Love can not be bent, manipulated, plotted on, betrayed, nor victimized. But it is Her who can cause for all these things to happen to You, if you are not making sure to follow her rules. Because once again, Love Is Passionate, and whomever is sharing her, demonstrating her, and giving her away must be Passionate, must be all about her, and must be 100% in. So what will you do, will you finally succumb to the fact that Love Must Be Passionate?

Because Love demands passion from you every single hour of everyday, because Love is a Fiery Being that carries with her the flames of emotions, and it stays lit up for ever. And so if you want some of that fiery love in your life, then you must become passionate about everything you do. And I mean, give it all you got, and whether you are making love, whether you are writing a love letter, whether you are helping your Sweetheart to feel better with a massage, whether you are cooking for your Love Teddy Bear, whether you are making the great one in your life reach the best orgasm ever.... You Must Be Passionate.

And you must never do things halfway, you must never allow yourself to go through the motions. Because your love must be super - passionate, your body and actions must reflect the fire living inside you, and your mind must constantly be in Passion mode. Because there is No Do Over, there is no second chance, there is no next Lover who will be the same for you to try it again, there is no "if only I could turn back time". NO Beloved, this, is the moment to be passionate. This is the day to make the best of this opportunity to be the most memorable lover. Right now is the key to your happiness in love by giving it all you've got to Your Baby. Then, you will see that Love is Passionate... Your Love that is...  James Dazouloute

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