Why You Must Wish Yourself GOOD HEALTH. By James Dazouloute

Having Good Health, Great Health, and even Perfect Health is not something that any Doctor can give to you as a prescription drug, nor can your friends give it to you as a Christmas gift, and even your Mom and Dad are limited in giving you Good Health (Other than some genetic gift). And so You, yes you Beloved, have to be the one to ensure that you have Good Health or Great Health.

And the very first way to start doing that is by beginning to change your mindset, and start to speak to your body daily, in your conversation, in your prayers, in your thoughts and then in your actions. And even when you pray you should not be asking for Good Health, because your Creator already wishes that for you by creating you, so what you have to say is: With the power of The Source I speak Great Health inside my body.

And then continue to speak to your mind which sends commands to all the cells to do their jobs to heal you, to fight diseases, and to restore you to greatness. Yes do wish Good Health to your mind so it knows what to do for your body, and do speak it to your Aura or Energy Field so that all your Chakras can start to align themselves and keep you in optimum health.

So You Must Wish Yourself Good Health, Because Your life is so much needed by Humanity, and even if they ignore your importance... I need You Beloved. I need you healthy so we can share, so we can reason together, so we can socialize, so we can exchange knowledge, so we can give each other a little help, so we can encourage each other, so we can make some money together, so we can expand the universe with our minds, so we can create the next much needed invention by Humanity, so we can Glorify God The Creator - who sent us here..


I wish it upon you daily, I wish it yearly and for life. I wish the Spirit of Health to fall upon You like an Eagle swoops in upon its prey and latches on. I wish for you to have great health today, so you can accomplish today's goals, and make a difference in the world. Yes, perfect health I speak over you, Immense health I bless you with, Amazing health I am sending your way. All because Humanity is a community of souls forever connected, and if you die before your time, then we all will be the poorer for it. Since The Great Chain Of Life Will Be Forever Broken, without any replacement... So I Wish You Good Health... James Dazouloute

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