Why You Must Make Money Or Die Horribly Poor. By James Dazouloute

Beloved you live in a physical world, in a material world and in a world run by Mankind. And since you are a Spiritual Being having physical and material experiences, then you must abide by the physical laws of nature. And having money (Paper currency, Gold, Silver, Platinum...) to transact business is a daily requirement if you want to live in this physical world. Because there is no escaping it, and even the Hermite who says he  is completely removed from Society is a hypocrite, because the Country he /she is living in is making money, the land he is living on had to be bought and paid for with money by someone, and the foods he eats had to come from seeds that someone bought to give to him to plant. So as you can see there is no escaping money, even if you don't touch it, someone has to make it, has to earn it, has to spend it, and has to share the resources that money bought, with you.

And that should be Your Motto, Fellow Money Getter. Because you already know that Money is the Universal Resource, that allows you to do everything, to accomplish anything, to help people do anything, to leave any legacy behind. So stop being like The Hypocrites of the world, who tell you to stay away from money, or to not run after money, or that money is the root of all evil... Blah, Blah, Blah!.. But those people are the same ones who are telling you as well, to give to charity, to start a business in your community, to give money away as a Philanthropist, to build a hospital for the sick, to buy food for the homeless... Do You See The Irony Of These Idiots? Don't Listen To Their Rhetoric, because they are just like The Politicians.

Yes, starting today, no more just having some loose change. No more just barely making it. No more just trying to get a job and then just fighting to get a raise. No more just keep on starting a business, and only to fail a few months later. Or just joining another Pyramid or Multi level marketing, and the only people making money are they ones at the very top, and for you all you do is attend meetings, buy books and go to conferences.

I know I sound Ruthless. But this is the moment, this is the crossroad for you. This is the intersection where you must decide. This is your time to make money once and for all. And as your Business Coach, I will not let you fail, because today, You Goal should be to open every door, to turn over each leaf, to jump into all the money making opportunities where you can buy and sell, like gold and silver, like stocks, like day trading and speculative investing... Take Smart Risks after doing your homework, And Make Money and Not Die. But Have Money To Help Yourself and, The Hypocrites... James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous12:52 AM

    We all need to make money today, because if we don't we are going to suffer horribly. Great share James, April.


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