Why You Must Love The Goddess Mother Earth. By James Dazouloute

Why You Must Love The Goddess Mother Earth, should not even be talked about since You were formed and shaped from her, and everything that is in you come from the inside of her, and the only thing that was breathed into you was God's Spirit. And so who you are physically, what you breathe, how and where you get your food, what you drink, how and where you get all your resources, what you use for money, how and where you manage to get the things to enjoy and seduce others with... all come the Goddess Mother Earth.

And even though there are those who will not bless Her and do everything in their power to save Her from dying (Since we are her children and are forever connected to her, and only us can kill her with pollution, with wars, with waste, with greedy consumption), they all still must live from the sustenance of Mother Earth. SO YOU SHOULD WORSHIP GOD, But You Must Honor And Appreciate Mother Earth.

Has been around before Humanity was even a thought or a wish, yet she shows no pride, and only wants to love and provide her all for Mankind. And you would think that the Humans would fully appreciate this great Goddess, who keeps giving away her infinite resources to one and all. And no matter the abuse by Mankind, no matter the amount of waste we dump on her and in her, she reserves judgment, she holds back her anger, and she refuses to give up on Humanity. For every single season she allows her sister Mother Nature to be good to us and share her gifts with us. Yes, what a Mother!

So do realize that MOTHER EARTH GODDESS i
s very kind to you, she gives you her earth to build your house upon, to drive your car on, to even murder your own brother who is from the same MOTHER EARTH GODDESS... And so what will you do today in return for all her givings? What will you bless her with for all her gifts? And what will you do to protect her from your evil brothers and sisters? After all, her great patience will only last so long, and her Wrath is beyond anything you can imagine. So Be Good To The Great Mother Earth Goddess... James Dazouloute

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