Why You Must LET GOD LOVE YOU. By James Dazouloute

LET GOD LOVE YOU... Let His Holy Angels serve and protect you, Let His Earth provide for you, Let His Sun illuminate you, Let His Rivers fill you with fresh water, Let His Universe shower you with abundance and vibrant energy... All so you could feel loved, all so you could know who God truly is and you could begin to obey Him out of love, out of respect, honor, reverence, understanding and out of joy. Because you have no other God Beloved, you have no other being who is constantly kissing your behind no matter what you do, by begging you to return to Him, and just simply confess your sins in the Blood of His Son, and all will be made well once more. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES... So Let God Love You!

Because He wants to, He needs to, He has to. Otherwise He would not have died for You, in the form of His Only Begotten Son at the Cross at Calvary. Yes God loves you so much Beloved, that He would have died for just You, if you were the only inhabitant on Earth. And since God created You, He knows all about you, all about your faults, all about your sins, all about your dark side, all about your pride, all about your greediness, all about your greatness as well. And He knew all these, long before He even created You.

Because this whole Universe was created for you and with you in mind. So Stop beating yourself up, for the mistakes you have made along the way to greatness. And think about it, you have a little boy or little girl, and when they are 1 or 2 years old, you don't hate them because they spill some milk on the floor, because they stick their finger in your food, because they throw a temper tantrum, because they make noises and break something you hold dear.

So then, why won't you let God love you? Especially when He sees you as that 1 or 2 year old who is very young, who has very little knowledge about life and the universe, who throws temper tantrums because he/she doesn't get their way, who is still growing up and trying to find your way and so on, and so on... So Please, Let God Love You.. Today.... Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute

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