Why You Must Have A HEALTHY MIND... By James Dazouloute

Having a Healthy Mind that is full of positivity, filled with aspirations, full of knowledge and wisdom, and full of creativity is the quintessential goal that you must seek to attain. Because your mind controls your destiny, your healthy mind will give you a healthy body, and it will help you to bring abundance and prosperity into your life.

So I do hope that you are beginning to see why you must have a Healthy Mind, why you have to keep yourself in a positive state about life, especially when things are seemingly not going your way. Because that is when you tend to create an unhealthy mind, by becoming negative, by speaking malicious ideas into your head, by giving up hope that all will be well.

And that is really when you must be careful Beloved, because when things are not going right for you, it is quite easy to forget all the knowledge and wisdom you have attained, along with forgetting all about Universal Truths about Life, the Universe and the Creator. And then you just move into a very dark corner of Survival at all costs, no matter what, no matter who you hurt, no matter what bad Karma you create, no matter what the future consequences will bring to punish you, your health, your mind, your body and your life.

Is your best friend who is always running away from the negative you, and you have to spend your entire life, making sure that it stays in all the right places, and that it keeps growing, also that it is constantly renewing itself. Because this one great friend of yours is all you have, but it can be perfect for your health, since it has the power to give instant commands to billions of cells, it also has the power to move all 206 bones of your body, and not to forget that a healthy mind can make you into a great scientist, a wonderful philosopher, and an absolute legend.

Because it can save your life, your body, and of course your health. So you have to do whatever you have to, in order to get a healthy mind, in order to maintain a healthy mind, and the ability to think clearly.

So starting today begin to get a Healthy Mind, by getting all good knowledge to grow and expand your mind, by beginning to turn away from all the vices that you have been enjoying so you can stop killing the cells in your brain. Also, begin to think positively about every situation you face, because when you get mad, you are actually inhibiting your ability to come up with a great solution, and that will throw you into a deep depression. So No Matter What, Get A Healthy Mind Today...  James Dazouloute

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