Why YOU ARE A SAINT In God-s Eyes. By James Dazouloute

YOU ARE A SAINT... And there is no other word for You Beloved, because You are God"s Elect, you are the amazing child of the Most High, you are the apple of the Almighty's eyes, you are the chosen who has inherited The Kingdom and you will never die. And I know when I tell you this, you may even bark inside your mind, and that would be because you are only looking at you as "The Right Now You", with all faults, all lack of knowledge, no wisdom, and even not knowing your identity. But I tell you Beloved, in all truth, that you are a Saint, Higher Than The Holy Angels.

And to give you an example of what God is talking about, just go to a junkyard and find an old nice expensive car that has been sitting there for 10 years with a few problems. But you know that car is a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes, because you can see the emblem, but there is so much dirt on the body, so much juice stains on the seats, so much mildew on the engine and the tires are shot, that all someone can say is that this is a piece of junk.

But you who are accustomed to bringing "Dead Things To Life", know that once you get a Tow Truck there and take that car home, then the moment you take out your pressure washer and start using it, the life of that car starts to comeback. The moment you change the oil and puts in a new battery and some new tires, the car is back to life and start to drive, and then you finish all your good works in that car and now it is What It Was Meant To Be All Along, and was created as (A Rolls Royce or Mercedes). 

And so are You Beloved when it comes to God, for He is used to bringing dead dry bones back to life, used to forgiving sins, used to making Holy whosoever He calls Holy. And once He washes you with His Holy Blood, once He pours His Holy Spirit inside you, once He renews your mind and forgives you, Then You Are What You Were Meant To Be All Along And Created As... A Saint.

Also the reason you have been told that you are A Saint all your life, is because God declared you to be so. Since you are made in His image, you are His spiritual Bloodline, you are his direct descendants, and you take on all His attributes. And even though your mind is unlearned about all truths and knowledge, your spirit is perfect, your higher self is filled with wisdom and knowledge. And though you may falter at times and do some crazy things, some silly things, even some horrible things... Your spirit is still pure and he/she is in the presence of God continually.

Because God's very Holy Spirit lives inside you, and interact with you. And every minute of every day, that Spirit pulls on the strings of your heart to do right, pulls on your conscience to do what is right, and even helps you to repent and begin on a new road of righteousness. So believe fully the truth, that you are a saint, that you are kind and loving, that you are helpful, that you are a blessing to others... Then You Will See And Realize, That You Soon Live That Way Fully.... James Dazouloute

WATCH VIDEO: I Call You Holy... Sung By Jeremiah Yocom  http://www.jamesdazouloute.net/2013/10/why-you-are-saint-in-god-s-eyes-by.html

Why You Are A Saint...
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