Why YOU ARE THE HERO During Any Disaster.. By James Dazouloute

YOU ARE A HERO... And no matter what else you may hear, or no matter what else you may convince yourself you are, You are still the Hero in any disaster that comes your way. And quite frankly Beloved, ever since you reached the age where you could think, speak and do things, the courage of a Hero has been displaying itself from within you. Because you would always give your Mom a hug and remind her how much you loved her when you were a child, right then and there you became the Hero for a gracious lady who was having a very bad day. Then when your Dad was working in the garage, even at 5 years old, you managed to be the Hero by assisting him and passing him the tools he so badly needed to get that car running again. And he could not do it without you.

So when you think of a Hero Beloved, you must ask yourself just what that means. Well a Hero is anyone who is able To See A Need And Fill That Need at that time. That Is It. No more and no less, just seeing something needs to be done for another person, in a situation and wherever you are, then you just became the Hero by doing that thing. Because no one else at that time did anything, and you stepped up and risked all that you have, because you could get hurt, you could suffer psychologically and you could even die in the event of an accident while helping. So You Are The Hero OF The Moment. Never Forget That!

And since You are the Hero, this is why You must survive any Disaster that Life sends your way, but you must not only survive, you must overcome, you must triumph, you must rise to the top, and you must be the conqueror who enslaves all the situations and make them work to your advantage. And you can do all that because there is a Hero deep inside you, and that Hero has been surviving all of his/her life. This great Hero has been dealing with all of life 's headaches, with all its disappointments, with all its many surprises, with all its nightmares. And Yet You Are Still Here.

And by now You have had some experience in being a Hero, you know by now how to rob Peter and give to Paul, you know how to get others to join you in conquering any and all issues. You also know how to prepare for anything that Mother Nature has coming your way, and you know how to run, you know how to hide, you know when to fight, you know to rebuild, you know how to start anew. So starting today, reach down deep and bring the Hero out of you. Because You have Been One All Your Life... James Dazouloute

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