Why Successful People Do What It Takes, And You Won-t. By James Dazouloute

When it comes to Success, to Greatness, to Honor and to Immortality of Deeds, only one thing is pursued: Dedication. And no matter what, the pursuer of Success will not be deterred, he or she will never give up, nor will he or she ever relent or become forgetful. Because the goal of Success is clear, the achievement and accomplishment of that attribute is second to none. And of course, there is the right way to pursue Success, and that right way to dedicate oneself to any one great thing, is always The Slow Way.

And when you add the Slow Way with Dedication, then there is no failing, there is no giving up, nor will there be any weaknesses of losing focus in any way, shape or form. All because the Successful People who are after more Success, have made it their lifetime goal in every single area of their life, and once they have mapped out a strategy, then they take the Slow Route to get there, because they know A Man In A Rush Never Sees The Cliff Before It Is Too Late. And so Successful People always take their time to check and re-check all that is at hand for each day, each hour, minute and second. Also because they know that Life will always have its twists and turns, and it will bring with it many opportunities for Disasters to strike.

But for You Beloved, You wouldn't be Successful even as of yesterday, because you simply refuse to humble yourself to Truth. Because you seem to think that you know it all, you give the appearance that you are In Control of everything in your life, and you even display the arrogance that no matter what comes your way - you are ready. And so this is why you have been falling flat on your face, times and times again. Thus why you are reading this article. But not to worry Beloved, because all you have to start doing right now, is Create your goal, then Strategize a step by step plan by making preparations for what may go wrong. And Then, You, yes you, must dedicate yourself to your goal for today, for the month, the year, the next decade and your entire life.

And when I say Dedication, you must be just like those described in the first paragraph. You must not deter, you must not give up, you must not doubt, you must not look back, and you must not listen to others who have no clue about what you are trying to accomplish and what you are destined for by the gods and the Universe. And then You must proceed the slow way, just like a Man who is crossing an old bridge made of woods and they are rotten, and that bridge is suspended way up high above a deep valley. Because that is how fragile your life is, that is how each day is set up with disasters to destroy you, to test you and to make you want to give up. So Now That You Know What And Why Successful People Do What They Do,.... JUST DO IT... And Become Successful in Your:
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