Why Love Must Be Free Or You Will Always Lose. By James Dazouloute

Love as an Entity or a Deity is as powerful as God is, and she is even a Catalyst of emotions, of happiness, of joy and even of purpose. And she is never diminished, no matter how much of herself she pourst into you. So this is why even God had to succumb to Love and come down His throne to come and die for you and I in our place for our own evil ways, and then only to rise again and raise us back up into the Kingdom. And you also see many Humans who follow this pattern of Love for others, for family members, for Nations and for God.

Because Love is such a super powerful being, and once her attributes are on the inside of You, then you are compelled to turn righteous, compelled to become unselfish and allow Love to be free, compelled to fight for the weak, compelled to even want to die for the sake of Love. And so I do hope that you are beginning to see Beloved, just how powerful Love really is, and how you as a puny human being, could never come close to chain Love, or even force others to love you.

LOVE IS FREE... And you are not to enslave her inside your heart, you never should manipulate love, and you must not plot on Love. Because if you do any of these things, then you are doomed to fail in all that you do. Since Love and the Universe work hand in hand, and if you are true to Love, then not only will your love life be perfect for you, but all other areas of your life will be blessed as well. And because you are a true Lover, and love fully with each of your action, and you give so much love even to those who are playing games, even to those who are plotting on you, even to those who hate you and lie and cheat on you, that Love will always take care of you.

Again Realize That LOVE IS FREE... Must Be Free:
So again, you must remember that Love is Free, and the more you love Freely, then the more you will be loved. And don't worry about the mistakes, the betrayals of others, the let down of all those you have dealt with, because you can't enslave love, you can't lock up love inside your heart, and you definitely can not hate love and want nothing to do with her. For even God had to seek Love 's help when He wanted to create You and the whole Universe. So You can not do anything to love, but allow her to be your whole world. After all, they crucified Christ, and He refused to stop loving them. And now you see that He is their God, and He was given everything by the Father God. All because He gave love Freely, no matter what... And So Should You.. James Dazouloute

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