Why God Needs You To Keep A CLEAN EARTH. By James Dazouloute

Since God created the Earth in all her beauties and perfectly clean, then it's only fair that He would expect You to keep her clean. If you lend someone your new car, it's working perfectly and it is extremely clean, would you not expect that person to return her in the same condition? Or if he or she continues to use it, would it be unreasonable for you to expect for that person to maintain that car running perfectly and extremely clean? So if you agree with this analogy Beloved, then is it not fair that You make sure the same is done for Mother Earth, whom God has lent to us to live on, to keep on using, to receive blessings upon and to procreate perpetually on top of?

I mean A Clean Earth or an Earth just as you found her, is all God is asking of you, because He will soon return and make a home for part of Himself and His followers. And since you and I could not create mountains, we could not make rivers and oceans out of thin air, nor can we create fresh air out of nothing... Then should we not keep what we borrowed in perfect shape, just so we can continue to be allowed to keep on using her? Am I Making Any Sense To You, And Am I Reaching You Beloved?

So today, ask yourself: What Can I Do To Keep A Clean Earth? What Little Thing Can I Contribute So That The Earth Can Go Back To Being Clean And Green?

Yes Beloved, a clean earth is a green earth. And ever since The Creator brought forth the earth, designed it, planted all perfect things in it, installed man and animals in it... We, Humans, have made a mess of things. Because we just don't want to leave things alone, and I guess it is because we are so rude, so uneducated, so arrogant, so proud, and so wicked.

And there is no other reason for us polluting the earth, because how else can you explain that You are a guest in someone 's home, and You just completely take over, and You decide to trash that person's home? Especially after You had nowhere to go, and that Being took you in, and gave you all that was His. And since then You have eaten, You Drank, You had sex, You smoked, You did drugs, You threw all your waste everywhere like a Monkey, and even Your fecal matter You dumped in the very waters that You had to drink. And not to forget You made wars with every neighbor who live in the Host's Neighborhood, and You even kill their children. How Senseless Does This Seem To You???.

Because there is no way You would ever tolerate this from Your guest, to completely take over your home and destroy it, as well destroy the lives of other beings. And so You, Yes You, are the biggest Hypocrite of all time. Because You participate in those very things, and even worst, you stand idly by while your very brothers and sisters are destroying every inch of the earth. The only home You have to live in, and it's not even Yours... WOW!

So Clean Earth, Green Earth?... Yes it can be. If You join me and start today to clean up. Since it always begins with One, and then spreads "Pyramid Style." And so don't keep telling me You can't make a difference, or You are just one, or no one will listen to You, or there is so much pollution already that the problem is beyond repair, or it doesn't matter anymore. Because I, am just One, yet here You are listening to me, reading me, and being impacted by what I am saying. And so as stubborn as You are, if I can make a difference in You, then how much more so will you make in those who are ready to join in, and only want a push from You. Just so the movement can begin to Clean up the earth, and Green the earth once more. So The Creator can have His Home back... James Dazouloute

Clean Earth Green Earth.... To Begin To Do That, I Recommend This Little Book To You Beloved: 

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