Why Does Andressa Soares Have The Best Butt In The World?

Big Butt... Why Is Andressa Soares The Envy Of All Women Who Want Curves And Be Super Sexy? After all, every woman knows that Men are Physical Beings as well 
Why Does Andressa Soares Have The Best Butt In The World? SEE

as Visual Ones. And so for us it has to be right there in front of us. And when a woman with a Big Butt like Andressa Soares comes along with the perfect Butt, then all men wish they could get near her, and all women wish they could be her. And in all fairness, you have many women who have very nice bodies and very nice curves, and not to forget the Professional Porn Stars who kind of set the bar on what a nice Butt ought to be, as well as what nice curves ought to be like. But Andressa Soares came along and shattered the bar, and why? Because while she has a huge Butt, she has learned to use it extremely well, and she has also mastered moves and forced her Big Butt to perform them.  
Andressa Soares Butt... See All

And really you could say that a lot of the Black Female Strippers can really shake their Big Butt, and that would be true. However, for Andressa she does it like nobody else can so far. And that is always the name of the game in life, because you Ladies know that every girl at a party can wear the same dress, but there will always be that one whose body has submitted to the dress, and wrapped itself around that dress, and produce curves in all the right places. And then that Woman, being the master, she now moves with her body and in unison with the dress, in a way that every step becomes extremely seductive, and on top of that she adds her charm into that dress, as she looks away at the right time, as she brushes her hair, and as she even leans forward just a little bit at the right time to work that dress. And that is how she becomes the most noticeable woman at that party.

Andressa Soares Butt... See All

And so for Andressa Soares, this is what she does with her Big Butt. This is what she creates with her curves, and this is what Playboy quickly realized as well, and that is why she has graced their cover several times. And even if the Black Female Strippers can shake their Big Butt, many times they will let themselves go a little bit, they will have too much fat on their stomach, they will have too much cellulite on their Big Butt and even on the back of their legs. And some may even have stretch marks from having gained weight too fast or lost weight too quickly. And this is where Andressa's Big Butt comes in, for she is a very well proportioned young lady, and on top of that she continually does grueling workouts, and them pamper her body daily to ensure the perfect symmetry, the perfect grace, the perfect dance moves, the perfect walk, the perfect look. And the fact that she is very naturally pretty with that stallion black hair, all that only add to her standing out from the crowd..

Andressa Soares Butt... See All

Big Butt... Why Does Andressa Soares Have The Best Butt? Well Let Us Look At Her Proportions:
---Height: 5’6″
---Measurements: 38-26-47
---Weight: 150 lbs

And with a bottom waist size or derriere of 47 inches, it has been said that Andrea Soares has the Biggest Butt in the industry. And so she has been names The Watermelon Woman

Andressa Soares Butt... See All

And Now A Little Bit About Andressa Soares For You To Get To Know Her As A Person:
---Nickname: Mulher Melancia (Watermelon Woman)
---Birthplace: Rio De Janeiro
---Birthday: February 28, 1989
---Sign: Pisces
---Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black
---Hometown: Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Andressa Soares Have The Best Butt.. See Why

She Stated: "I have this dream, yes. My first dream was to provide a good home for my family, and I did. Was the second to be famous. Could also be. Now only missing the third. Want to get married and have four children. Nowadays, my children are my four dogs. They have the house and fill them with freshness, "she says, you want to have your baby in two years.

---For each show an hour and a half, Watermelon Woman Andressa, charges $ 10 thousand. And the schedule is crowded there, including other international destinations like the Caribbean in May and Paris, France, in June.

---"I had four 'Playboy' and 'Sexy.' Now I will take a little time magazine nudity.'ll Try to stay a year without getting naked in the magazine," She promised, laughing.  
Andressa Soares Have The Best Butt.. See Why

---"With many squat exercises for buttocks, thigh and panturilha, and treadmill. I can not work out from the waist up, because I'm large.'m Hence as a boy."

---"I'm single, but I am well and happy. I am very jealous and demanding. To be with me, it has to be 100%. So, I prefer as it is. I'm working hard"

---"I do not like men much older than me. Prefer a balance of age. And that has to be of my height, 1.71 m, up, and being dark skin tone. never dated blonde with blue eyes."

Big Butt... Why Does Andressa Soares Have The Best Butt? Because it is the biggest, but it is also the firmest, it is also widely recognized. And of course, she knows how to use it to look sexy and beautiful, she know how to shake it with each dance move - each sound of the beat - each step. And she knows how to dress it up, she knows how to take care of it, and she knows how to put her entire package together. It Has Been Said: Work With What You Got, Or, Do The Best With What You Got. And Andressa Soares done the very best she could, and in a way that no one has done, with her Big Butt.... Your Sexiness Advocate, James Dazouloute

WATCH VIDEO: Andrea Soares Performing Live: 


Andressa Soares Showing Off Her Butt
Andressa Soares Butt... See All




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