Why Do ANIMALS LOVE YOU So Much... By James Dazouloute

And why won't You love them back? Especially when they have done nothing but being good to You. Especially when they do not set up camp to have wars with you, nor do they plot on you or gossip about you, neither do they try to steal your identity and your position of Leadership. And not to forget, the Animals do not ask much of you, only that you will leave them just a little space on Mother Earth so they could continue to populate and continue to maintain the balance of the echo system. So why do the animals love you so much? Why won't they fight you back for trying to annihilate them, why won't they come together  and go into hiding and stop feeding you?

I mean just imagine Beloved, if the chicken all got together and say that they are no longer going to give up their bodies to feed you, what if all The Bees just decided they are no longer going to give their pure honey to you, what if all the fishes in the sea decide to to catch a disease and commit suicide just so they won't have to feed you, what if all the cows band together and refuse to give up their milk? And I know you would force them to, just like our brothers and sisters have been doing for years by capturing them, enslaving them, and pumping steroids in them. But what if Mother Nature stepped in and put something in them that as soon as you consume anything about them, you would get a fatal disease such as Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease etc...?

Just Food For Thought Beloved As To Why Do The Animals Love You So Much. And they just give, give and give to You, by giving up their bodies as foods for You, by giving up their bodies as experiments for all the diseases you have brought on yourself, by shedding their blood and skin just so you can have fur. Also they give up their homes, just so you could put your suburban home, your shopping malls, your plazas, your condos... And these are just a few great memorable sacrifices that the animals do for you. And all they want in return is for you to love them, as much as you love yourself.

So you should love them back, you should help them, you should do what you can to protect them, you should constantly offer up a home to them. Also to love the animals back, please do whatever you can to protect them from extermination and annihilation, since if they all die, then no other beings will give up their blood, bodies and life so you can have food, so you can find cures. So help the animals today by adopting one, help them by giving them your great love back... The Animals Love You And Need You So Much...  Your Animals And Pets Advocate, James Dazouloute

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