Why Changing Your World View Will Help You To Be A God. By James Dazouloute

When it comes to your views, you seem to think that they are unique, that you have a good handle on things and that you are smarter than the average person. But I am afraid that I must tell you that your views are not unique, nor are you smarter than other people, because all your views about the world are shaped, they are conditioned, they are influenced by fears - prejudice - memories and even desires. And that is why they are always changing and turning, and that is what makes you Human, since you came down here as a Spirit Being to have many physical experiences every moment of your life. But don't think that you are special the way you are.

Now when you think about God and the way He sees things, He tells you that His way are not your ways, and His views are not the same as yours. And what He means is that, imagine you are inside a forest that is burning and the fire has completely surrounded you, and the whole place is filled with smoke and heat. So as far as you know with your views, there is no way out since the fire is spreading and enveloping you, and since smoke is filling your lungs, then you think and rationalize that you are going to die and this is the worst thing that has ever happened to you, about to be burned alive. Again, Your View, and yours alone.

However above you, there is a Satellite taking pictures and monitoring all that is going on inside that Forest fire and reporting to Technicians, also there are many Fire Fighters who are just within 200 feet of you and are dousing the fire with water, with sand, and are even burning a new route so the fire could go down a path down the river and burn itself out. And of course there is a pilot in a Helicopter way above you, above the smokes and the fire who is monitoring all, and guiding all the rescue efforts. (God's Concept) And So His Views Are Not The Same As Yours, since you are down in it and view it as the end of you, and he is above you and see that you are 2 minutes from being rescued, he sees that the fire is dying out, and his view is that this is just a small fire of a few acres.

So are you beginning to see how your views are not unique, nor special, nor do you know more than other people? Because you are a limited Human, living inside the prison of a body when you used to be a Free Spirit. Therefore your views are only based on what is around you, what you can see, what you know to be somewhat true, what is being made available to you, and what circumstances are forced upon you. While God's view is not based upon these silly conditions, nor is He still learning about life, nor is He limited within a body like you, nor does He allow  prejudice, fears, the unknown to control Him.

And so now that you see how limited you are, then you must begin to transform into a god, you must begin to connect spiritually with your Higher Self who is constantly hovering above all things, all situations, all conditions and all happenings, and is with God The Source, and can guide you into having the righteous elevated view about all things in your life. Because once you connect and can look at things as God The Source sees them, then you will no longer be limited, you will no longer be caged inside your thoughts, inside each situation, inside each forest of the unknown, nor will you continue to be imprisoned inside your own Hell.

And so this is why in all the major Religions of the world, you are constantly being told to live by Faith and not by sight. To speak to all the situations you are faced with, for the illusion to disappear, and for the real truth about them to come forth. Also for you to meditate and stay close to God The Source through your Higher Self, so that you could always hover about this life, so that you can always have an out-of-body experience, and then you will be a little god. And then you will have no attachment to things, to life, to death, to persons... Then your view will be based on righteousness, on love, on positivity, on light and on perfection, but never on fear, prejudice, human wisdom, book knowledge, flawed understandings and limited power. Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Love this article about changing your world view. Great truth, Bryan.


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