Who Do You Think You Are, To Want Success. By James Dazouloute

Who Do You Think You Are? And how Arrogant and Cocky of You to want to succeed in every area of your life? I mean what makes You so special, and what makes You think that "Little You" Have what it takes?... Are all questions that Society will pose to You Beloved, and even your greatest enemy (The In-Ner-Me) will ask this of you inside your brain. And so I am now posing these questions to You by starting this article in such a harsh way, since if I can get you to answer these questions Boldly now, then you will be on your way to Success.

So Just Who Do You Think You Are?
Well You Are The Child Of The Creator of everything you see in front of you, everything that you do not see and yet feel, and everything that you can imagine and dream about. And just by that statement alone, if you know anything about a Father and his Child and the right to inheritance by that child, then you will have answered these questions once and for all. Done - Settled - Over With!

Because if you know that this Planet belongs to you and was created for you, and if you know that this Universe was established and keeps on growing for you every hour - just so you could enlarge your territory, and then if you also know that you can not fail since you have been assigned Angels, Guardians, Favor, Blessings, Inheritance, Love, Mercy, Compassion by God The Source And Creator, then You Are Invincible..

And so Who You Are Beloved, is the master designer of your fate by Heavenly Mandate, you were created last during this age of the "6 day creation," because all the things, all the energy, all the blessings, all the opportunities that you would ever need had to be created first, before you could be brought forth (And it is just like your human parents did for you before you came out of the womb, a room was created for you, a crib was bought for you, a baby shower was given for you, gifts were given for you, and all other preparations were made for you, and then you arrived on the scene) by The Creator and ready to assume command.

So What Is The Problem Lately that you have been so weak, so afraid, so unsure and so timid in claiming, in establishing and in taking authority over the life that is yours? Again What Is The Problem Beloved? Because it is not the Angels who are stopping you, it is not Destiny who is against you, it is not the Universe who refuses to send what you need, it is not time trying to destroy you, nor is it Opportunity who is being shy with you, and it is definitely NOT your God The Creator/Source who has set His Face against you. So What Is Stopping You From Having Success?

Well Again Who Do You Think You Are? There lies the problem Beloved, you don't seem to know just who you are, and the In-Ner-Me -- your greatest enemy inside your mind keeps on confusing you, keeps on discouraging you, keeps on trying to make you timid, keeps on making you give up on your dreams, keeps on interrupting your great life with negativity, keeps on trying to ruin you at all costs.

BECAUSE YOU KEEP LISTENING TO YOUR SILLY THOUGHTS... And not looking up and around you and see that this whole Planet and Universe belong to you to do with as you wish. Don't Believe It? Then why have other Men and Women (Who knew and know who they are) have taken over the world and have done Great Evil or Great Deeds Of Blessings with life? So Why Not You, So Why Not Now, But First Tell Me And Yourself - Who Do You Think You Are?... Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute

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