When Will The Helpless Stop Needing You. By James Dazouloute

The Helpless

When Will The Helpless Stop Needing You? For ever since you can remember you have been trying your very best to help every single person whose path has been placed to cross with yours by the universe. Also every other Hero or Philanthropist who has come before you, has also tried to help the needy, to protect the weak, to defend the defenseless, to deliver the trapped, to protect the abused, to strengthen the hopeless, to feed the starving.... And yet to this day, no one has succeeded.

And so when will the needy stop being so helpless or vice verse? And then you will be able to retire, you will find peace within your heart knowing that all is well, and you will have finally secured your Legacy. But I am afraid to notify you that this will never, ever happen. Not because you and others including myself, have not tried and given the very best of ourselves, but because The Powers That Be or the Gods who seeded Humanity have set up a system whereby all things and all lives are Cyclical.

Meaning, all must go through ups and downs, highs and lows, riches and poverty, happiness and sadness, health and sickness, wisdom and ignorance... All so that no one man can raise himself above all others, nor can any man ever truly become so self - sufficient. But above all, the Gods must be glorified. And if there is no poor who become rich, then the Gods will not get their glory for that. If there is no rich who become poor, then the Gods will not be needed to save the day. Same for sickness and health, wisdom and ignorance, weak and strong.

And on top of that you must remember the most powerful destructive force in the universe, Greed. Yes Greed is the mother of all negative forces, such as selfishness, emptiness, envy, pride, jealousy... And because of these forces, Mankind was created with a deep hole in his heart that can never be filled, and the more he tries to fill it by hording all resources around him, then the deeper the hole in his heart seems to grow. And because of this, then the helpless will never stop needing you, or I, or other Philanthropist, or other charitable organizations.

And so you must continue with your mission to help the needy, you must continue to navigate your way into the wilderness of neediness so you could find provisions in order to nourish your brothers and sisters who are in needs. And so you must do what is assigned to you and what is within your means to do, so that you could make a difference during your lifetime. And you must not worry about Legacy, but leave that to History, leave that to the Gods, leave that to the many generations who have benefited by your many acts of charity. Because all you have to do is focus on planting the invincible and eternal seeds of gift giving, of charity, of lifting a finger, of lending a hand, of protecting the weak, of delivering the trapped, of saving the lost... And then Your Part Will Have Been Played Fully. Your Philanthropic Advocate,  James Dazouloute

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