What Is Reincarnation, And How Does It Affect My Spiritual Journey Here On Earth. By James Dazouloute

This subject of reincarnation has been around for some times, and to this day humanity can not seem to agree on any one thing about it. So today beloved, I will give you all the basics that you need to know about reincarnation and how it affects your spiritual journey here. And Please Remember: Your religion, others religion - none have all the answers on how the Universe fully works, for each one has secret things. And no man may claim to know all the workings of GOD and His Kingdom of Principalities and Power.

Reincarnation is a term that people began using in India and Greece around 1000 B.C. (Before Christ ), and after about 500 years have passed people began using the concept of Karma. Again all before Christ came to earth, then Gantam Buddha made this concept and belief popular. And furthermore, some sources claim that Pythagoras claimed he could remember his past lives; and as recently as the 50s Edgar Cayce, an American also made such claims and began helping people remember as well.

The concept, idea and belief of “ Rebirth “ seem to suggest a continuation of personality. In other words you are able or have the potential to remember that you have lived through previous existences, and that they were yours. But these lives supposedly are not tied together, but just like a carbon copy there is always a faint imprint within your soul and memories. And kind of like if you have candles in a room, just before the first candle's flame goes out you can use it to light the next candle, and so on. But, each flame, just like each snow flake that falls, is always quite unique in many aspects. Kind of like “ Non Identical Twins “, very different but they do share a common cause, continuation or stream. And that is identified as Karma.

And supposedly the purpose of reincarnation is because of Karma ( Or Kamma, as it is sometimes called ).  And Karma keeps on happening because we are always living in ignorance, or by ignoring the fact of our higher and true self. But when we finally run after “ Mind Elevation “, then the ignorance and stupidity ( Failure to comprehend ) are finally stopped. Then we stop reincarnating like Buddha. Also, there are some like Edgar Cayce, or Sathya Sai Baba, who keep on reincarnating because they just want to keep helping others and also they see their work as never being completed to help free minds.

What Is Reincarnation, And How Does It Affect My Spiritual Journey Here On Earth?. Also to note, Karma continues to keep on happening in each life until all the consequences are finally worked out. So for those of you who are constantly doing others wrong, and are getting away with it. Well it is said that God will not be mocked and vengeance is His, so there are some truths to this. So Karma's purpose is to make sure all things are worked out fully, and if you don't get yours fully in this life then you will get it in the next life or the very next. “ P.S. “ And don't you ever hear some people say when bad things keep happening to them: “ Oh God, what did I do that I am paying for?. “  And they even say this instinctively, with no thoughts at all. Hmmm!. 

And supposedly each act that you perform every second of this life's journey is a seed that you plant, and that seed will germinate or grow in this life or the next. And why do you think all the major religions are always telling you to love your brother as you love yourself?. Learn this and remember it as well, the Universe along with time and space are a continuum linear; meaning for us humans in our lack of understanding there are periods, time and moments. But for the Universe, it is all just one line forever continuing. And you've heard 1000 years is as one day for the Lord – Food for thoughts.

Some things to be aware of Beloved:
---You will live or keep reincarnating in as many life cycles as it takes, until you stop having desires and reach enlightenment. So get started today.

---When you and someone had a great love, or were great enemies, then imprints are left on each of your soul and you two will meet again and again for closure. Or if there was some great wrong done by one, then the opportunity will be reversed next time and a decision need to be made. For there are some who have taken a life in the past, and they must come to this life to have theirs taken in the same fashion either as a child or adult.

---If you had a great love, when you meet again you will feel deeply connected all at once.

---It is said that roles do change within family members from life to life. One time mother, next time daughter or sister etc.. So don't abuse.

---If something dramatic happened to you in a past life, then in the next life you will be drawn heavily to that particular time period, or you may have a horrible fear of that something. Like if you were drowned and died, then in the next life you will be horrified of water.

---Each life is an experience that adds to the whole of lives, but you must answer for each action taken and each word spoken in each life. And the sum total will be added.

---Each time you reincarnate, it adds to your higher self. And each life leaves a tiny imprint on the next one. And each time you return back to the Source, God, you share that experience. 

What Is Reincarnation, And How Does It Affect My Spiritual Journey Here On Earth?. And in closing, you are a spiritual being and can never die. But as you live down here and forget, you embrace religions to help you with the seed of remembrance about your spiritual self and God. And remember the religions don't tell you all truths, and even when they know the real truths they hide them from you to dominate you. Even in the bible it is said that some scriptures are not for the mass of the people, and in Judaism the true names of the Living God are never spoken, for if they were to be uttered then earthquake would take place and seas would be parted. Remember how Moses parted the seas?, no not the words that were used in the movie. And God design things that way because He wants you to be hungry for his word and remember as well, it is written that it is for God to hide secrets, and a privilege for the king to discover them. So Discover King And Queen... Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute


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    Reincarnation is something else!

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    I believe I reincarnated to do something Great in this world.


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