What Is Life, Is It A Series Of Reincarnations Or Do You Just Live And Die. By James Dazouloute

Beloved, in order to explore these perplexed questions, you must free your mind from the chains of religions. For they have all kept you from going or being able to explore all the scriptures for yourself, and because if you do then you are demonized and also called an “ Apostate “ ( One who has fallen off from their religious faith. ) So for me to help you today you must look at yourself as a vehicle with half a tank of gas, and you need more spiritual gas for your spiritual journey to be completed. And so we will explore what Life is and it is a series of reincarnations or other...

What is Life?.
Now life beloved, is a journey where you gather up many experiences and trough many varied activities. Along the way you bump into many other travelers who are on this same journey of life, and yet each and everyone of you has different agendas. In other words, imagine going from Georgia down to Florida for spring break, so that is the journey. Along the highway there are many others going the same way, and you run into them at coffee shops and share, you run into them at gas stations and share, and even at hotels and share experiences as well. But, each person – each couple -  and each group that you meet who are on the same journey down to Florida, are all heading there for different reasons. Some to see family, some to go to school, some for spring break as well, and others to move there or start a new job. And so you see, all people are on the same journey of life but to accomplish different things, and along the way they all meet and share moments. Is this not what your life has been?.

Now for the question: Is life a series of Reincarnations?.
Now in the Hindu scriptures, it is written that one is reborn through desire. The desire to meet up with other souls, and the desire to have more experiences in a weaker physical form. As a spirit being, you have a desire to be born because you want to enjoy a body, and have different experiences and desires satisfied. But it is also said that you already know all this will never bring deep, lasting happiness or peace. For after many rebirths, every being become bored and dissatisfied; and then this being begins to seek higher forms of happiness through a spiritual experience ( Kind of like your life down here, when you are young and unlearned, you think that partying – drinking – smoking – sex – money – and all other things will bring you joy and contentment. But after your 40s, you come to realize that being spiritual and gaining wisdom are the only things that will bring you peace and contentment.)

And once you realize and recognize your true self, or your immortal soul. And all these silly desires have vanished, then you will stop wanting to be born again and again. And finally you will come to realize that all existence is, has been and always will be with the one Source, God.

And third, for the question: Do you just live and die?.
And for this we must explore Christianity, and in some of the sacred texts that were not chosen for your Bible, it is said that the number of souls are finite. Also there is a “ Hall Of Souls “, where God draws from, and when the last soul is called upon, then judgment will take place. And this has been portrayed in the movie “ The Matrix, part 3. “  And also in Christianity it is written that man is allowed to live once, then come judgment. And some have interpreted this as: For each life that you live that is it, you can never comeback again and try to fix your sins or your mistakes. But that when your are reincarnated, then you can be the opposite of before but, Karma will follow you and the seeds you have  planted before ( Good or Bad ), will have to be reaped. 

What Is Life, Is It A Series Of Reincarnations Or Do You Just Live And Die?.
In closing, life is a series of moments and experiences; so make the most of them each day. And as long as there is still desire left in you, and bad seeds planted along with guilt; you will come back again and again to live life. And each life is a continuation somewhat of the previous one, because there will be an imprint on your soul ( And this is why sometimes you meet someone for a few minutes, and you could swear that you have known them all your life. ) And yes, there is life after death for the soul and spirit, For they can never die. And we see that even in religions where it is mentioned that: Father Abraham lives, Moses lives, and other prophets from many religions have been lifted up to the Heavens.  So beloved, I only give you food for thought, because you have to examine and meditate on your own life to see if there are any truths to all this. Remember, “ In everything that you hear, About Life - About Reincarnations - About Life And Death- or read and see; nothing is ever all true nor all lies. Discern with your higher self and perfect spirit. Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute


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    Life is just so complex, and no one can know all the things about it. But this is a good start.


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