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Please, Please Don-t Leave Me. A Poem By James Dazouloute


If I have to start with begging You, then: Please Don't Leave My Sweetest Love! Please do not turn away from me, please remember what is being shared by us sweetheart, please do not abandon me into my own pit of despair, please take me with you wherever you may go. Please, Just Don't Leave Me. Just allow me the opportunity to fully understand you, just teach me how to become more of a perfect servant of your love, just help to earn the title of Best Lover You Have Ever Had.

Please, if that word means anything to you, then allow it to enter your quiet and peaceful heart so you could stay with me. Please My Love, I am at the mercy of your perfect love and I gladly humble myself to beg of you to stay. Even for one more day, maybe even an extra hour, and I will settle just for a few more minutes, if you would only tell me that you are thinking about staying with me. So, if God is in your heart my love, do not leave me. Promise me what God Has always promised us, that You too will never leave me, never abandon me nor forsake me.

Don't Go... Please Don't Leave Me, A Begging Poem To give away my Dignity and my Pride to You, to do with as you please my Sweetheart. For my Love is lost and damaged beyond repairs, and I know not, how to emerge from the deep dark forest of loneliness. And so I beg of you my love, Don't Go Away From Me, don't take your presence from my eyes, don't deny me the privilege of caressing your hair, don't remove from me the gift of smelling your scent, don't starve me without your words... I Am Begging You, Please Don't Leave Me, Please.

Don't Go, Don't walk away, don't stop talking to me and at me, don't stop yelling at me because then I will at least have your anger. Don't Leave Me for my heart is your puppet and your pet, and so it only moves as you say to do, it only does tricks of happiness to capture your interest, it beats at the sound of your steps.

A Begging Poem to ask you for another chance to give to you even what I don't have. To give to you what belongs to The Banks, to give to you what other Lovers cherish the most, Togetherness, for I will kidnap anyone I have to. All so that you Don't Go, all so that you will stay interested in our love, just so that you will give me just a few more minutes of You.

I promise to become quite The Raconteur of Bed Time Stories to help you gently fall asleep. I promise to do what other Lovers find inconsequential, what others will never stoop so low to do. I promise to abandon my life, to abandon all my hopes and aspirations, to only do what You want me to do. And I know that I am making You my God and denying The Creator God, but even He won't help me right now, and You are the only God I see, feel and experience. So Please Don't Go My Love.

I am, starting today, your fool of love. I am, starting this hour, your love slave. I am, starting this minute, your dog that you lead around on a leash. I am, starting this very second, your robot of amusement to only move and do as you say. Just so You can stay with me, just so you could once more allow me to look at your shoulders, just so I could be allowed to hide within a wall so that when you pass by I could Be Blessed to catch a glimpse of You.

Don't Go... Please Don't Leave Me, A Begging Poem to stop wasting your time, to throw in my entire hand, my entire deck of cards that Life has dealt me. For I am powerless and I promise to do all your daily chores, to brush your hair and your teeth, to bathe and dry you, to cook and feed you by hand, to wash your car and drive you around, to work to bring you all the monies, to fix your house and then stand guard on your roof, to be the writer and publisher of your love stories, to exercise for you and stretch your muscles... All Because, You Are My Necessity and My Necessary.

Just Don't Go My Love, and I know that right now, others who are seeing and reading this, are saying: That's So Sad... What A Fool... This Is A Lost Case... Just Let That Person Go... Love Will Always Provide... Don't Let Yourself Be Abused Like This.... Stop Lowering Yourself... BUT, They will never know that Your Love is King and Queen, they will never have a clue that just a smile from you will make me 10 times stronger than Samson, they will never know that just a whiff of your smells is enough of an Elixir for me to fly to Heaven, they don't know that You are my essence and my personality was founded in You while the Heavens were being formed. And they will ignore the fact that I dedicated My Life to You back when I was a Spirit Being, and now I am only being and doing what I Am Purposed To Do And Be.... So Please Don't Go, Please Don't Leave Me, for the taking of my life is all I have left to do.... Please Stay With Me, Can You Help Me By Doing That? And YOU the readers of this Poem, Can You Please Help Convince My Love Not To Leave Me?... A Nothing To Live For Without Love Poet, James Dazouloute

WATCH VIDEO: DON'T LEAVE ME... Sung By Jacques Brel (English Subtitles)    http://www.jamesdazouloute.net/2013/10/please-please-don-t-leave-me-poem-by.html

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