How Do I Forget You My Love, Teach Me. A Poem By James Dazouloute

How do I forget the souvenirs that You have implanted inside my heart, my eyes and my mind? How do I stop making you the Deity of my life, and continuously keep on thinking of ways to make you happy? And just how am I supposed to forget that you are all I will ever need, and the very best of the best thing who has ever happened to me?. Teach Me How To Forget All These... Please!

Teach me not to be wanting of your skin any more, teach me that you are no longer the love of my life from eternity past, teach me how to live my life without you, teach to me to forget that you alone are my happiness, my happy place, my sweet moment, and for my eyes only. Please Teacher, give me one last lesson to learn about your sweet and perfect love, instruct me how I can breathe again without you by my side... Teach me to forget, if you can!

To Forget.... Teach Me How To Forget You My Love... A Poem. Because I do not have the experience, nor the skills necessary To Forget. For You My Sweetheart Are, not were, my Everything. You my Sweet Love are still my teacher of Love making, my helper of Sweet Caresses, my instructor of Perfect Kisses. Please tell me how To Forget. 

I do not want to live, for even if another was to come tomorrow to try and encourage me, I would first ignore that human, and if Persistence was their game, then I would become Violent. For Ignorance and Violence are the two things that I knew before you came along, to teach me How To Love, how to care, how to be gentle, how to communicate, how to make love, how to kiss in between your thighs, how to spoon feed the one that I love so much, how to bathe with my sweetheart, how to enjoy a cuddling session while in love, how to hold hands in public with my love, how to dress to represent the love of my life, how to be loyal to my Soul Mate, how to never look at another for the many ways You made my heart feel... To Forget, Oh My Professor Of Love,,,, Please Teach Me. 

Yes, I beg of You to Please Teach Me To Forget, after you have drilled in every fiber of my being, that I Was Yours To Be For Life, that I was to stay in love with you until Death came to transport you back to my Benefactor, God. To Forget now seems an impossible task, Yes My Love, very impossible for me, because You and I made plans, You and I were Seamless, You and I were inseparable and yes, you and me are a team. Oh My Love! My heart is crying out to you, teach me how To Forget You. 

For I have no path I could follow, I have nowhere I could go, I have no one to turn to. Because You were and are my path to follow, my place to be and my sweetheart to turn to.... And to make matters worst, I gladly accepted my role to submit to your perfect love. And Now I Have To Forget?   

Oh Me! Oh My Heart! Oh My Dreams! How can I live, and how can I support you all without The Love Of My Life, who now wants me To Forget?... How can I go on without my base, my foundation and support system, You My Baby? How Can I even lift up my eyes, or raise my hands, or even kneel down to pray to God, especially after He Has Given me You to complete me? So To Forget, I do not know that statement, I do not Understand: T.O. F.O.R.G.E.T.... Just What Does That Mean? 

You Are My Love, and My Dreams have always shown me You. My heart has always wished for You. My eyes were always looking for You at the Park, on the shores of the Ocean, and within every Crowd.... And Now To Forget? Is This A Spanish Or Greek Term, or maybe German or even Russian? Because I do not speak this Language of Forgetfulness. I do not know the Alphabets Of Lost. Nor do I know Me without You, for my personality is welded within You, ever since that day You said Hello To Me when we were introduced. I Can Not Forget My Love, I Can Not Learn Without My Teacher, And I Can Not Live Without My Reason To Do So, You. Oh Whatever Will I Do? However Will I Forget? Can Anyone Help Me.... Can YOU Help Me?...... A Lost Soul Who Is Unable To Forget... James Dazouloute

WATCH VIDEO: TEACH ME TO FORGET... By Mireille Mathieu (French And English Subtitle)



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