GOD WHERE ARE YOU In My Life Today... A Poem By James Dazouloute

GOD WHERE ARE YOU?  For ever since this morning began, and You allow me to open up my eyes, I have begun to look for You, I have started to look for all the little things that You want to teach me, and I have quieted my mind so I can hear Your thoughts about my life and what I should be doing.. but Where Are You My God?

Where is my God, without Whom I can not make it today? Where is my Redeemer Whom has paid the price for me with His own Blood at Calvary, so I can be freed from being a slave to the devil? Yes Dear God Of Mine, where are You in my life, in my affairs, in my sadness, in my worries, in my financial lack, in my stresses? Where Are You?

I need God today, I need to know I have a Friend. And not just be told that by the Christians, or even the other Religions. I need to feel God for myself, I need to have a piece of God in my life and inside my heart, and I need to experience the love that God has for me. I need to be able to give or return the gifts I have to God, I need to have a conversation with My God today, and I just don't want to hear that He hears me, I need a response in any fashion so I can say: Thank You... GOD WHERE ARE YOU...

Where is my Creator? Where is my Redeemer? Where is the Almighty? Where is that Friend who will never leave my sides? Where is my Hope and Strength in time of defeat?... And Please Mind Your Own Business, You, who are reading this, and don't be so quick to tell me the old Cliche: God is everywhere, or God is always with You. Not today Beloved, for I write this Poem to God, as a memo requesting His presence in a powerful way. I write this as a phone call to the Almighty asking Him to come down, just like He used to before father Adam fell from Grace, and walk with me, talk with me, share with me all the wisdom of life, and allow me to say Thank You God, face to Face. Spirit to Spirit, and Heart To Heart... GOD WHERE ARE YOU?... Your Son Needs You... James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    I wonder that same thing about God many times, especially when you have been following His word and obeying His commandment, and you see nothing is working. Troy

  2. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I, too, am crying out and asking God where are you


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