7 Quotes By The Most Brilliant People That Will Change Your Life. By James Dazouloute

Quotes about life, quotes about living, quotes about growing as a person, quotes about experiencing each moment... Have all been stated in order to benefit you. Because the brilliant and famous person who has said it, has already figured it out, he or she has already learned and prospered from it. And so stating a quote is for the rest who is still not enlightened, is for the masses who are lost sheeps, and for you who are still struggling in every area of your life.

But to change your life, you must be willing to give up the insanity of always doing things the same way you have always done them, of always believing in the same things you have always believed it, and keep on going to the same sources that you have always been going to for knowledge and understanding. So apparently all these ways have not been working for you, because if they were you would have the world at your feet, you would have the Universe serving you as a great slave and bringing you all that you want, and you would have even your lover head over hill for you.

So those 7 quotes that I am about to share with you, are here to help you to change course, to help you to try new things with a new view, are a way for you to become enlightened, since lately all that you have tried to do have all comeback to hunt you. And you are beginning to wonder if you are cursed, if some voodoo roots have been placed on you, if you had bad karma that you are paying for in this life, if you are just unlucky. But of course none of those things are true, you just have not fully realized certain truths, nor have you really begun to apply them consistently, and you definitely have not found the path to enlightenment yet. So Today We Will Change That With These 7 Quotes By The Most Brilliant People... Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute

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